Black Sheep Tattoo

Currently in her sixth year of tattooing, Paula Castle has been lucky enough to travel extensively and tattoo alongside some of the best artists around.

While working in other studios Paula realised that for most people being tattooed can be a daunting experience. She struggles with anxiety herself and understands how difficult getting tattooed can be, not to mention wanting to have more personal areas of the body tattooed, and feeling comfortable enough to be relaxed and exposed whilst making the ultimate change to your skin. That’s why she created Black Sheep.

Lots of Tattoo Studios boast being “vegan friendly” and that’s great. However most of these are simply saying so because they use vegan ink. Well, that’s just not enough. Black Sheep is a fully vegan and eco conscious studio. All products are vegan, we use plant based single use barriers for each tattoo set up. We strive to reduce waste and recycle everything possible. The studio itself is fitted using repurposed furniture and wood, LED energy saving lighting, eco-paint and lots of lovely vintage pieces. I am also vegan myself. Supporting vegan small businesses goes further than apparel and food.


Kat Winifred Tattoo Artist

Kat works at Whispering Weeds in Clifton, Bristol. She has been drawing on people and paper for over a decade and established her tattooing career in late 2012.

Each design is lovingly crafted for you because Kat knows it’s important to wear a tattoo that is unique like you are, but Kat knows it’s not all about the tattoo, it’s about the experience too. The studio is welcoming, comfortable with a zen vibe that hopes to ease any pre-tattoo jitters.

I often get asked about vegan tattooing and about the products I use. So I’ve put together a list of what I use before, during and after the tattooing process. Being vegan doesn’t just relate to what you eat, but what you consume. That means anything that contains animal or animal by-products, as well as anything that has been tested on animals. I am very conscious of the products I use and always choose vegan options even if it costs a bit more, where possible. Here is a list of the products I use during the tattooing process that are vegan to the best of my knowledge. See more in FAQ.


Katy Howarth Tattoo


Hi guys

I work from Tattootime, 88 North St, Bristol. I can confirm that all my inks are now vegan, as is our transfer paper and stencil stuff! If you let me know you are vegan I make sure all products used in the process are suitable!! We also have vegan aftercare products now available. If you guys have any queries you can message me or call the studio. I do a mixture of walk ins and appointments.