Workhouse Kitchen

19-20, Perry Rd, Christmas Steps Art Quarter, Bristol BS1 5BG


Our base, is in plant based eating. This has been forged over a life time through a love of seasonal and home grown produce, flavour, eating for the future, and real cooking.

We have been making a meal of it all (here) since 2012

We at Workhouse Kitchen have planned all dishes within this menu to have a starting point that is plant based. The option to add elements that make them vegetarian, or to include well sourced meat & fish is there also. Most can become as gluten free as I am able at this time. So If you do have any allergies please let us know.

Forged from a love of local, seasonal and homegrown produce.
– however you eat –

I am not a food nazi.
I have my own opinions and understandings of what we eat and so do you.
I hold an ideal of how I should eat from day to day and continuously counter this by eating burgers, take aways, chips and battered sausages at further past bedtime than any man should.

The reason I run here as I do is because deep down I know that to be truly sustainable on this little globe, and more selfishly, to be good to ourselves.
A plant based diet is key.

I don’t want to ram this down anyones throat. I have never been comfortable with people who do. To be honest I don’t care what your approach to any of this is or how you eat what .
I am simply offering what I hope is a good plant base that is not lacking in flavour should you choose not to add eggs, dairy, meat or fish.
If I didn’t keep mentioning it you probably wouldn’t have noticed it was vegan to begin with.

My plan here really was to ‘de wanker’ plant based eating.

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