Vx (vegan)


123 East Street, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 4ER

Bristolians you have been warned! The vegan-apocalypse is coming. Although we won’t be riding horses as we’re vegan, obviously.

Vx is proud to announce that we are bringing our unique brand of world-renowned delicious vegan treats, full junk food menu (including tasty new extras), plethora of exclusive imported plant-based delicacies, diverse range of extraordinarily-melty cheeses, French patisserie, our own-brand Secret Society of Vegans clothing and more goodies besides, in our mission to fully veganise one of the coolest corners of the UK – Bristol.

We offer a large selection of vegan cheese, mock-meat, chocolatey treats and other crazy hard-to-find products such as spray whipped cream! A lot of our products are organic (Wheaty), palm oil free (our complete range of vegan hard cheeses) or gluten free (see the aufschnitt range). We import most of our stuff from abroad, so you can be sure to get something that you’ll never find anywhere else!