Vx (vegan)


123 East Street, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 4ER

Vx has always been about firsts. We were the first 100% vegan shop in the UK. We were the first outlet to stock many of the biggest vegan brands and to import many new products. We were the first all-vegan clothing line in the UK. And now we are excited to make history as the first chain of vegan shops in the UK.

Vx offers a full junk food menu featuring two sizes of kebabs, burgers, currywurst  and other disgustingly mouth-watering junk that will keep your bellies full and your waistline expanding. We are also huge importers of vegan goods from around the globe and boast an array of cheeses that are so cheese-like they confound and delight in equal measure. Sticky, sweet and awfully indulgent French patisserie rounds off Vx menu.

And we’re going to be bringing it all and more to Bristol!

Our new Bristol venue will be an enhanced version of Vx London – a 20 seat café and some Bristol-only exclusive vegan goodies await our West Country customers.

Read the full press release HERE.