Exchange Coffee Co (veg)

72-73 Old Market St, Bristol BS2 0EJ

Exchange Coffee Co. is an offshoot of The Exchange, a live music venue located in up & coming Old Market. E.C.C aims to provide a communal music centric space with its laneways style cafe offering sustainably sourced locally roasted coffee & light bites during the day plus a fully stocked bar serving cocktails, beers and spirits later in the day.

We’re equipped with a fully stocked bar serving boozy coffees & hot choccy, cocktails & craft beers. We’ve only started doing VEGAN AFFAGATO!! A huge lump of veegs vanilla ice cream, DBL shot of our house espresso & puck tonnes of dark chocolate shavings on top. A face full of vegan zucchini veg cake & soy cortado, defo 1 of your 5 a day. What’s brown & sticky??.. Our salted dark choccy vegan brownie of course.

Serving Fat Paul’s famous veggie chilli, – lathered with sour cream, cheddar & cholula hot sauce but can be made totally vegan friendly too; Bombay potato vegan curry puff’s – with spicy lime pickle & house blend garam masala; HOT TAMALE COMING THROUGH!! … df pastry stuffed w/vegan sausage, cheeze, heaps of jalapenos & a puddle of sriracha on the side.

We’ve now got a massive contact grill so we’re testing out toasted tortilla wraps … vegan lincolnshire style bangers, house-made vegan dijonnaise, blanched kale, pine nuts, sun-dried toms w/a peppery lemon dressing; protein packed & 100% hippy friendly – Moroccan spiced chickpeas, house-made vegan mint yogurt, tahini & a raw soya bean, pickled carrot & pumpkin seed slaw; PATTY PARTY!!! house-made vegan patty w/fried onions, wilted kale & chipotle spiced vegan-mayo; Oh shit yeah!!! Fishless finger tortilla with our own vegan tartare sauce, watercress & rocket. Really, really good hot or cold.

Tame the Mane

165 Fishponds Road, Bristol BS5 6PT (openng 29th September hopefully)
We arent open yet, but believe we are possibly the first in the uk to be only using herbalist approach. Absolutely zero chemicals. We use things like… Licorice, comfrey, soapnut, goodeberry, vinegars, clays, banana, avocado, oils etc. Two of us, have been mobile hairdressers for years. Both want to help encourage people to take a new approach to haircare and that it is linked to health and nutrition too!

Not a hairdressers…Apothecary hair health clinic and style service. Hair food and alchemy! Using 100% Natural, edible homemade tailored products. Natural hair food, health and alchemy…No ordinary salon! We focus on bringing hair to it’s natural glory and helping people on the path to repairing years of hair abuse. Using only homemade plant based solutions tailored to you, our motto is … Only put on your body what you would put in your mouth. TRULY 100% natural hairdressing is finally here.


The Capability Cafe (veg)

Fresh & delicious vegan & vegetarian food; lentils are our thing. Waiting for a pitch in Bristol street markets… In the meantime, developing recipes!

“Cucina povera” is a phrase in Italian which literally translates to “peasant cooking” or the poor people’s way of cooking. It means using fresh ingredients you have to hand to make delicious, healthy meals, rather than spending a fortune on expensive foods or fad products. I grew up with my Italian Mum who taught me the beauty of this way of cooking. Inspired by the “cucina povera” way of doing things, we decided to set up our own market stall and offer fresh, delicious, local, and ethical vegetarian food at an affordable price.

We offer a range of flatbread patty sandwiches made from pulses and grains, and seasoned with fresh herbs and spices. Accompanying our unique patties is a range of slaws, fresh salads and delicious dips – all home-made with our love and lots of thought put into them!

Planted Foods (vegan)

planted august

100% vegan!

Brand-new street food business serving fresh and healthy twists on comfort food classics. Alice and Richard are embarking upon a venture to create vegan street food, with an empasis on seasonal and healthy versions of comfort food classics.

Bristol-based street food business. Pop-up supper clubs, festival catering & events.

Pie Baby (vegan)


Pie Baby was created by me, Lara and my husband Finn. We make delicious vegan pies to fill your hole! Two things we are passionate about are animal welfare and food. We combine these two passions into seriously satisfying, sumptuous, pastry filled pockets of pure joy with a kiwi twist – potato topped pies!

Ultimately we would love Pie Baby to be available to everyone, everywhere. But we will start a little closer to home. We plan to start selling locally providing pies at community markets, through small businesses and fesitvals across Bristol, then quickly venture further afield to other locations . With your support we want to create a fantastic Pie Baby stall, be ready to hit the street food markets and make a big splash on the vegan food scene. Ultimately we would love to have our own Pie Baby Diner to call home.

We are a wife and husband team with over 20 years of shared life experiences so far, Pie Baby is our next big adventure together. One of our long term goals with Pie Baby is to eventually provide learning opportunities for young people in the comminuty through work experience, mentoring and training.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to what the future holds and cannot wait to fill you all with delicious pies!

Roots Lounge (veg)

6-8 St Nicholas Street, Bristol BS1 1UQ

roots lounge fork

We have great news and we have shit news. The great news is one day we will be a fully functioning place of food, music, tears and laughs…….. The shit news is the ceiling remains half hanging down, so it’s looking like November at the earliest………

The Roots Lounge is an independent, grass roots grown, vegetarian café-bar and community meeting place situated in the heart of Bristol.

Hello and a big welcome to Roots Lounge!
For those of you who know us, finally we have the keys and work has started! Six weeks from now (8th April) we plan to be up, running and serving you lovely lot some top quality, meat free, happy and healthy food alongside natural and organic drinks, juices, smoothies, alcohol, teas and of course coffees.
For those of you who don’t know us, glad to have you on board 🙂 this has been a long and stressful journey but light is finally at the end of the tunnel.
Stay tuned for updates and our opening date.
Big Love….
Roots Lounge x

Matter Fastfoods (Vegan)

660 Fishponds Rd, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 3HJ

Sunday/Monday – closed. Tues – Thurs – 5-9.30 pm, Fri & Sat -10.30 pm

matter fastfoods website menu


We will be closed (for renovations) from Tuesday (22nd) to Tuesday (29th), so Saturday night is the last opportunity to eat at the UK’s only totally vegan (and mostly organic) chippy for 9 days.

The UK’s First Vegan Fish and Chip Shop Nabs PETA Award

Bristols 1st fully vegan tofish and chip shop serving a healthy vegan take on classic dishes, like fish or fried chicken and chips, kebabs, and wraps

We will be offering the healthiest fast food take out possible, everything from vegan take on chip shop, right through to super salad bowls and wraps, using sprouted and krauted seeds beans and veg. Imagine pie, chips and peas, vegan fried cheeken (a take on fried chicken) or gluten free battered sausage and chips, or the much loved tofish and and chips. kebab wraps, homemade sauces like, chili, sweet and sour, gravy, curry sauce, garlic mayo, all made without cheap salt, oil or msg.

We will develop the menu to include other classic takeout wok dishes and hopefully pizza, all made from Matters vegetables which ensures they will be always organic and wherever possible local and seasonal. Desserts available will be ranging from pineapple/banana/apple fritters through to high end raw vegan cheese cakes and homemade super chocolate.

Tasty, affordable, nutritious and satisfying, Our dishes will be aimed at everyone (not just vegans) We will offer delivery By electric van, in eco friendly packaging, and also offer the opportunity to have a Matterbox organic fruit veg and other Matter produce delivered for the rest of your weeks meals to be delivered at the same time. Can’t wait to get going!