Vegan Wrap

Vegan wraps delivered by cycle cart. High nutritional value, low environmental impact. I’m moving around on a trike to lower my environmental impact, I source as much local or British ingredients and am very low consumer on plastic waste, almost zero, opting for glass jars or bottle over plastic ones and source my pulses from Zero Green store.

Life salad is the base for the fillings… Its called life salad because its core ingredient is sprouted pulses, for high nutritional value. Jerk potato sweet with spinaaaach.. find me in Bristol for lunch now!! Roast veg and hummus..find me in Bristol for lunch now!!

#veganwrap will be parked at 27 broad street Mon-Fri 1100-1600 and can deliver within a 30 minute radius.. wrap’n’roll with high nutritional value and low environmental cost. In support with @resbitecafe

Find me in Bristol for lunch now!!