Vegan Vend

The Island, Nelson Street, Bristol BS1 2LE


Located on Nelson Street you will be able to access Daisy between 10am and 5pm. We will be stocking sandwiches, wraps, sweet treats, drinks and snacks.

Chilled food vending machine service coming very soon to Bristol UK.. follow us on our journey.

Vegan Vend is the name of the vending machine business, The Real Wrap will be our suppliers for wraps, sandwiches and snacks. We will also be stocking sweet treats from a local baker and smoothies from another company.

I can’t yet publish where this will be located (I can say it will be Central Bristol though) as I’m discussing finalisations and confirmations at the moment for the locations. This is a start up business and we are not trading yet, but the social media has been set up so we can test the waters and get people involved and aware before the first machine is set up.