123 Oxford Street, Totterdown, Bristol BS3 4RH

Hairy Jayne makes hair care products that help women take better care of their dry hair – with a choice of divine fragrances. The products are made from the best moisturising ingredients available. Naturally derived, vegan ingredients that cause the least harm to us on our skin, and the least harm to our world when they end up down the plug. Sulfates and parabens are out, and plant oils and fragrant essential oils are definitely in. All of the products have been registered with the Vegan Society and are 100% cruelty free.

Her customers started asking if they could return their bottles shortly after Blue Planet was first aired.

We stock household products from companies that are ethical, use sustainable resources and are in no way associated with animal cruelty. We’ve tried to find a broad range of products to suit all budgets – from local makers who use the most natural and high-end ingredients and packaging to ethical companies who mass produce their products (making them cheaper). Hopefully there’s something for everyone! We have a plastic free / refill shop called bloop.


Bristol Vegan Street Feast & Market #3

House of Veg is not your normal vegan street feast and market! Located at the Pennywell Project on Pennywell Road, Bristol, House of Veg offers more than just food and market stalls. We also have music, talks, games and a vibe like no other.


The House of Veg is made up of 3 rooms:

Room 1 – The Food Hall – Stalls serving up your favourite plant based junk food, healthy food & juices. This is where the bar is for anyone wanting a cheeky cocktail or beer with their grub. The House of Veg DJ’s will be playing here until late as well.

Room 2 – The Market Hall – Here is where you can browse and buy all your vegan goods, products & services. There may be a few activist groups looking for support as well. Open from 12-5PM.

Room 3 – Talks & Workshop room – What it says on the tin. Timetable will be announced closer to the day.

Come discover and explore the vegan and plant-based lifestyle. There will be something for everyone, so bring your vegan and non-vegan friends with you! Be sure to come hungry and ready to shop local! If you are interested in getting involved with the House of Veg please email:

See more info HERE.

Vegan Business Exchange – Bristol

Tue, 26 February 2019

Bristol’s Vegan Business Exchange is a series of face-to-face networking events where we can help and refer business to people whose values align so closely with our own. And the reality is, that businesses far less invested in driving positive change are spending huge amounts of time and energy networking in face-to-face meetings themselves, because they know it genuinely works.

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We are holding a day of cream teas on Sunday 24th February!

We’ve been doing these for years now and they’re always popular but this time there’s a slight twist so that we can fit more of you in! There will be two sittings: a Sunday brunch cream tea at 11am and an afternoon tea at 3pm.

Each ticket includes a selection of sandwiches, a variety of sweet treats including berry scones with jam and whipped coconut cream, and unlimited tea/herb tea and coffee.

Clifton, Bristol.

£15 per person, due at time of booking. Booking is essential.

To buy your tickets, please email

We look forward to seeing you there!

Ale Seitan: Spring Edition

Thats right, it’s nearly the last Sunday of the month (29th). That means Vegan Roast time at Pie Baby! This is a prepay event so we can avoid food wastage and places are limited. We will not be doing an event in May as we will be at Vegfest, so don’t miss out this time.


Your £16 Ticket includes:
*Ale Seitan Roast with all the trimmings. 🔥🔥
*Dessert- Apple Crumble Pie with custard or ice cream. (this will change month to month)

See more HERE.

Wimpy Vegan

Wimpy Vegan restaurants could be coming to Bristol as ‘exciting vegan’ expansion plans announced

Fast food fans, rejoice – you may soon have more choice of where to get your burger and fries fix thanks to the UK revival of multinational chain, Wimpy. If you don’t remember them, ask your folks. Yes, the fast food joint is planning a huge UK expansion in the hope of getting back to their glory days, going green, adding jackfruit, tempeh, cheekin, seitan, and tofu burgers to the environmentally friendly menu.

There were over 500 Wimpy restaurants across the UK, one of which is still at the Brean Leisure Park near Weston-super-Mare. But now, Wimpy is going to try and reverse its decline, announcing plans for “expansion and investment, and going vegan.” “We do have some exciting new plans in terms of continued expansion and an investment programme,” Len Teal advised. “Not many details have been revealed, but further plans could be announced very soon”, Ken Wah added.

However, with well-established giants like McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC ruining the high street, it’s going to be a hard market to break into. What’s more, the British public are a lot more health-conscious than we were 50 years ago, and a lot more emphasis is placed on where food has come from, that animals don’t need to die to feed appetites. That said, the nostalgia factor may help bring in older people – or meat free hipster millennials who’d be all over a potentially retro vibe.

The first Wimpy opened in 1954 at Lyons Corner House in London and soon became known for its burgers and chips. A few decades later, the chain had dominated cities and towns across the UK. But as American fast food chains moved in, the British public fell out of love with Wimpy, and after several attempts to revive the restaurant, its success eventually waned. Whether Wimpy’s comeback will be a winner or not remains to be seen, but vegan is the way to go.

In other news, an artisan vegan sex toy shop will open on the ever-gentrifying North Street according to Mark Thomas.

Bristol Vegan on Come Dine With Me

A charity shop manager’s long-term ambition to appear on the hit daytime show Come Dine With Me finally has become a reality.

Laura Jiménez will be on the nation’s television screens tomorrow afternoon (Thursday) when she takes part in the Channel Four programme.

As the episode has not yet been aired she is unable to talk openly about what happened – or if she won the £1,000 prize – but she did tell the Times it was a fantastic experience.

Laura said: “Come Dine With Me is one of those programmes that I have watched a lot over the years and thought once I have a big enough house I’d like to go and do.”

The move to Portishead from Bedfordshire helped to make that dream a reality.

The hectic filming schedule took Laura a bit by surprise and saw her entertain three other diners, as well as travel to Bristol and Wells to enjoy the cooking delights made by her fellow contestants.

She said: “It was a very intense experience.

“It’s shot over one week so it is quite intense with the menu reveals at DoubleTree by Hilton, Cadbury House and then the taxi picks you up at 4.30pm each day.”

However, she said the show lived up to expectations.

Laura said: “It was great. We all got on well with each other and have already met up again since filming.”

Laura, who works as a shop manager at the PDSA charity store in Portishead, hopes the sight of the town on television helps to put it in the limelight.

She said: “It was quite an eye-opening experience as you expect it to be like it is on television.

“For instance, it is quite surprising some of the questions they ask you.

“But I am really glad I went on it.

“Hopefully it puts Portishead on the map and raises the profile of the charity.”

It is second brush with fame for Portishead in as many weeks after it appeared in an episode of Location, Location, Location, although some controversy was caused on social media when the town was described as a ‘suburb of Bristol’.

The show’s producers also won few fans in Clevedon, by labelling it ‘Cleveden’ on its map.

See the North Somerset Times article HERE and the Come Dine With Me episode on Channel Four.