The Kingfisher Cafe Bar

46 High Street, Bristol BS9 3DZ

The Kingfisher is a space for the local community and our main ethos is a space where everyone from all walks of life feel welcome and not excluded. Which is why we try to cater to all diets and allergies.

We always ensure that our daily soups are made using the freshest ingredients and are always vegan. We like to offer at least two vegan cake options on a daily basis where possible but as you can understand, at the moment all the baking is done fresh in house by myself so sometimes it may only be one. We are hoping to in the near future bring someone on board to bake vegan cakes fresh in house a couple of days a week.

We also stock soya and almond milk and I have just found a supplier to supply vegan cheese and vegan yoghurt so these will be available in the very near future.

Everyone know’s that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I myself like to know where the food I’m preparing for customers comes from and am always happy to answer customer questions on produce. At the Kingfisher we not only caterer for the carnivores but also have a Full Vegetarian and Vegan breakfast available (full vegan breakfast which consists of: vegan sausages, baked beans, toast, roasted tomatoes, grilled field mushrooms) and i can promise you as much care has gone into sourcing produce for these dishes as any of the other dishes we offer.

Our Bread which customers have informed me is delicious is from Hobb’s House Bakery Based in Chipping Sodbury. They really are an old world bakery, Family run and in business since the 1920’s.Via The Kingfisher website.