The Juice Collective

Studio 3, 14 Fountain Buildings, Lansdown Mews, Bath BA1 5DX


All of our juices are 100% raw, organic and coldpressed to ensure you get the optimal nutritional benefits from every colourful drop.

Our raw, organic produce is simply pressed under several tonnes of hydraulic press to extract all of the juice but non of the pulp, pips, skins or rinds. This is the smoothest, purest way to enjoy fruit and vegetable juices and as part of a balanced diet, they are a great way to provide your body with a boost of fresh vitamins and minerals.

For local customers, our Juice Packs are available for FREE collection at our centrally located Juice Box. If we can help you find your balance by providing nutritious juices that slot effortlessly into your busy life and give you a much needed boost, then we’ve done a good job.