The Herbitour

The herbitour is a food tour exploring the best Vegan food in Bath. Great for Vegans, Veggies and those on the fence.

I have been Veggie since my early Teens and went Vegan in 2015. But before going vegan I am now ashamed to admit I could not understand what Vegans ate despite being veggie, thinking I would be limited to Salads and a side of chips. How wrong could I be? If I had known how amazing Vegan food was earlier I would have definitely made the switch earlier. More and more places are offering Vegan options and the choice has become incredible. I want to highlight some of the best Independent and local eateries that Bath has to offer, along with some great ethical small businesses that have great vegan offerings.

Here at The Herbitour we really want to do our bit to help. We will be supporting small vegan charities by donating 10% of ticket sales to help them.