The Bristol Cookhouse

405 Gloucester Road, Bristol BS7 8TS

bristol cookhouse pic

The Cookhouse combines a fully equipped food studio, beautiful private dining club and vibrant weekday canteen with open-plan kitchen. Hire the versatile studio space for workshops, healthy cookery classes, training sessions and food photography.

Jane Easton is an ex-English teacher who ran away to join the vegans. She’s a self-taught cook, food writer and teacher who grew up as an omnivore but has been vegetarian and then vegan for over half her life and spent the last 14 years being the food person for a Bristol-based national vegan charity. While any or all these classes will give you a head start into the world of contemporary plant-based food, Jane can usually help with special requests – if there is a favourite dish or menu you’d like to make vegan, ask her.

See upcoming vegan classes HERE.