Phat Yaks

Kingsmead Square, 3 New Street, Bath BA1 2AF 

Freshly made street food cafe/takeaway with a Nepalese twist.  A large part of our menu is vegan.

Pakoras – Vegetable fritters Served in a wrap or sourdough baguette with bean pate, salad, pickled slaw, relish and sauce, or on their own with sauce.

Chickpea – mixed vegetables in chickpea and ajwan seed batter.

Buckwheat – red onions, peppers and fresh coriander in buckwheat and cumin seed batter.

Special Pakoras – we regularly have special pakoras depending what is good either in our veg garden or at the local veg stall.  Examples are Beetroot, Kale, Sweet potato, Yam and spring onion.  The specials change daily.

Daily selection of freshly made seasonal salads with our homemade dressings, currently all our salads are vegan, we have plans to extend our salads tat will include vegan and non-vegan options.

Our sauces dips and dressings are almost all vegan in fact the raita is the only non-vegan option.

We also have soya and almond milk and have plans to include some vegan bakery in the near future.

Matter Fastfoods (Vegan)

660 Fishponds Rd, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 3HJ

Sunday/Monday – closed. Tues – Thurs – 5-9.30 pm, Fri & Sat -10.30 pm

While its a bit quieter over Glastonbury we are trialling delivery. We will be delivering in eco packaging by electric van for £1 + £1per mile. Tofish and chips and your favourite stirfries, followed by banana fritter or cake delivered to your door. £10 minimum order call 0117 9655050.

The UK’s First Vegan Fish and Chip Shop Nabs PETA Award

Bristols 1st fully vegan tofish and chip shop serving a healthy vegan take on classic dishes, like fish or fried chicken and chips, kebabs, and wraps

We will be offering the healthiest fast food take out possible, everything from vegan take on chip shop, right through to super salad bowls and wraps, using sprouted and krauted seeds beans and veg. Imagine pie, chips and peas, vegan fried cheeken (a take on fried chicken) or gluten free battered sausage and chips, or the much loved tofish and and chips. kebab wraps, homemade sauces like, chili, sweet and sour, gravy, curry sauce, garlic mayo, all made without cheap salt, oil or msg.

We will develop the menu to include other classic takeout wok dishes and hopefully pizza, all made from Matters vegetables which ensures they will be always organic and wherever possible local and seasonal. Desserts available will be ranging from pineapple/banana/apple fritters through to high end raw vegan cheese cakes and homemade super chocolate.

Tasty, affordable, nutritious and satisfying, Our dishes will be aimed at everyone (not just vegans) We will offer delivery By electric van, in eco friendly packaging, and also offer the opportunity to have a Matterbox organic fruit veg and other Matter produce delivered for the rest of your weeks meals to be delivered at the same time. Can’t wait to get going!

Golden Eagle

596 Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 3DA


Our menu contains our perfected dishes created by our team of chefs who demand only the best. Our menu includes a fine selection of popular and some unique Cantonese, Chinese, Peking, Thai dishes. Take a look at our online menu for some of your favourite Cantonese, Chinese, Peking, Thai dishes!

Vege dishes (gluten). Vegetable chicken, vegetable pork, vegetable stir fried duck, bean curd.

Our Delivery Areas. BS15:Kingswood, Hanham BS16: Downend, Fishponds, Frenchay BS30: Bitton, Cadbury Heath BS5: Easton, St George, Whitehall BS7: Bishopston, Horfield


2-4 Broadmead, Bristol  BS1 3HH (Opening 14th Dec)


We spent years listening to our customers and built a new type of food place altogether: light, green and good for you.

Our eat beautiful menu celebrates the amazing flavours of the Far East; high in nutrients yet refreshingly low in calories and saturated fat. Creating light, nutritious and healthy dishes which actually taste delicious is far harder than it sounds. A great many people have tried and failed to do this on the high street. itsu is making good headway as a result of years of recipe development, trial and error.

Gyoza vegetable dumplings with teriyaki dipping sauce (ve); edamame (ve); baby sushi rolls wrapped, filled with avocado & sushi rice (ve); avo baby rolls, veg club rolls, vegetable gyoza dumplings, pinch of schichimi pepper (ve); avocado, muki and green beans, seasoned Japanese rice, kombu relish, itsu ‘no lettuce’ salad with vegetarian herb dressing (ve); silken tofu, wakame & shaved green leek in a veggie miso broth  (ve); harusame noodles, shaved green leek, wakame, tofu & 2 vegetable gyoza dumplings in a veggie miso broth (ve); 5 vegetable gyoza, udon noodles, toasted seeds, green leek, edamame & a dash of coconut milk in a vegetable broth (ve);  9 hot gyoza dumplings [savoury leek, carrot, green onion], delicious teriyaki ginger dipping sauce  (ve); raw chocolate pie; coconut yoghurt [dairy free], superseeds, blueberries & pomegranate seeds (ve).

Half an hour before closing each store holds an itsu sale – all sushi and salad boxes are half price.

Tuk Tuck

Tuk Tuck Facebook

5 St Stephen’s St, Bristol BS1 1EE

tuk tuck

Join us on a journey through the street food markets of Asia. Taking in the familiar and the unique.

Our vision is to bring traditional Asian Street food to belly’s in Bristol. Taking the familiar lunch time choices, such as baguettes, and packing them full of Asian flavours, to make an interesting and tasty alternative; or drawing on our own knowledge and experience to provide new and unique items like the Korean Bibimbap. Working with local suppliers, we want to supply fresh and healthy food to the streets, and have a laugh along the way. so join us and Tuck In…

The vegan options directly from the menu are: from mains Tofu and Mushroom Salad box with a soy, lime and sesame dressing; and from sides: Miso Soup; Edamame beans; Vegan Kimbap, the Korean version of sushi flavoured with sesame and filled with veggies and tofu, which is made fresh every day, usually to order. We can also easily ‘veganise’ 2 of the other mains on request; our Bibimbap which is rice, 7 seasoned vegetables and tofu and mushroom option served with our homemade traditional Korean gochujang sauce; and the Banh Mi which is the Vietnamese style baguette with veggies, pickles and the tofu and mushroom option. We also use a separate grill for cooking all the veg/vegan options.

Both myself and my business partner used to work for Tampopo before it closed down, and we’ve actually employed another girl to work there with us. I (Alex) was the second chef there, and Quan was an assistant manager but this is our own venture.