Small Bar

31 King Street, Bristol BS1 4DZ

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Despite the name, there’s not only plenty of room inside (including an upstairs), but also a huge selection of beer to choose from. It’s one of the quirkiest bars in Bristol with the beer selections written on pallets hung from the wall. Thankfully the listings are well organised by beer style, from Pale Ales to Sours, to make choosing easier. Also not to be missed is the wonderfully titled ‘Crazy Shit’ selection of strong or unusual beers! The walls surrounding the bar are adorned with the pump clips of beers that have featured on the taps throughout their short history. Small Bar are also unique with the interesting branded glassware that they offer in various sizes to enjoy your drink from. The beer lineup often includes Bristol breweries such as Moor or Left Handed Giant as well as other vegan friendly ones from around the UK including Camden Town Brewery and Chorlton Brewing Company. Olly (BVBG)

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