Scoff (vegan)

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Scoff is a vegan sweet maker and bakery based in Bristol. Our mission is to provide delicious treats that just happen to be vegan and free from gluten containing ingredients. If you’re vegan or have food intolerances, we don’t think you should have to miss out on the kind of treats everyone else gets to enjoy. In fact, if we weren’t telling you, you probably wouldn’t even realise Scoff products don’t contain eggs, dairy or wheat.

Scoff’s fudge and chocolate truffles are for sale in a range of flavours online, and we plan to bring out new treats all the time.

You’ll be able to find us selling a selection of goodies at markets. Sometimes this may be the fudge and truffles, other times we may also be selling cakes and cookies. See the Find Us section of the website for up to date details of markets we’re attending and what we’ll be selling.

We take custom orders for parties or other special occasions. You can order any of our cakes for delivery in the area. We will work with you to come up with a bespoke cake design that meets your needs. We can also supply fudge or truffles as wedding favours.

Wheat and gluten – we do not use any ingredients containing wheat or gluten (even traces) in our products. However, as we are a small business, our kitchen is shared and sometimes wheat products are used. Despite this, we feel confident saying that our products are free from gluten, as all necessary measures are taken to clean down the kitchen to avoid cross contamination.