Roots Lounge (veg)

6-8 St Nicholas Street, Bristol BS1 1UQ

roots lounge fork

Roots Lounge is our Vegetarian and Vegan Lounge bar that we have been trying to open now for 18 months! Please can you help us in the end stages of getting Roots Lounge open?

What we are asking is that you make a small donation and in return we will offer you a voucher, for coffee, cake, a beer, chips or whatever you fancy on the day. We desperately didn’t want to crowdfund however due to unforseen circumstances we’ve been left with no other financial options.

I am happy to supply anybody with more information but in short the following has not gone to plan. We weren’t informed the building was grade 2 listed until we were 5 months into the process of opening so have had to pay out architect fees of over £10,000. We were told the electrics were sound, they weren’t and we’ve had to rewire at a cost of £7,000. The lease was overly complicated we were quoted solicitor fees of £2000. We ended up paying £7,500.

Just as we were due to open there was a water leak from upstairs, which meant the grade 2 listed ceiling had to be repaired this has put is back 6 months and counting. Due to this we have lost both the summer and the Christmas trades. During this time I have been working full time to cover the costs but unfortunately I managed to contract whooping cough and I have had a close family member pass away so I have missed a couple of weeks of work.

Please understand that we are not asking for money for nothing we will give you back a voucher so that you can get your money back but at this point we have become financially desperate and are at the point where we may have to walk away. We are a small family business and our intention is to serve good food and drink, treat our staff well and donate some of our profits to Bristol community projects.

If you can help us we would genuinely be very grateful and ask that you please share this page amongst your friends and family.

Thank you so much in advance xxx xxx

See the Crowdfunding page HERE.