Root Strength (vegan)

One stop shop for vegan fitness. Welcome to Root Strength! Soon we will be launching a UK based shop bringing you a range of exciting products, including new brands waiting to be discovered, existing loved brands or products developed by us. The whole store will be strictly vegan and focused on bringing you wholesome, well sourced products to support an active lifestyle. We want accessing vegan fitness products and resources to be as easy and quick as possible so perhaps more people are likely to try them and continue to use them. We also want to provide free materials like recipe guides, fitness ideas, and news posts to help everyone in their journey of reducing harm to animals and the world.

Who are we? Two Bristol based women who have been into fitness and vegan for a number of years, with a lot of joint experience and knowledge in the field.

Follow our instagram to keep up to date with what products we are launching and fitness tips, recipes, offers and more! @rootstrengthuk