Rockaway House (vegan)

Rockaway House, Eastcourt Rd, Temple Cloud BS39 5BU


We currently offer two rooms through the Airbnb website. we have plans over the next few months to add rooms and other interesting places to stay here for a day or three.

What makes it unique… What doesn’t!! You won’t find many places like this (in England at least)… It’s more like a West Coast USA house as seen in Lloyd Khans amazing books (look him up).

Our last visitors remarked that what they found most noticeable, was the silence in the morning – no city noise or light pollution here! We just fitted the beds with bamboo bedding, which is super ecological and has multiple benefits to you health!

Basic (vegan) breakfast included – muesli, toast, jam etc. Feel free to bring your own food and drink and store it in the fridge, as long as it’s not meat. We cook vegan in the house and offer meals at an extra cost, £4/person for a hot breakfast and £8 for dinner. Coffee and tea included in the price of the room.

Please ask for details if you’re interested.