The Priory

Station Road,Portbury,Bristol BS20 7TN

Constructed in 1822 and called the Priory Hotel, this building has spent all its life serving food and drink – and some of it saving lives. Underground passages have been found which link the Priory Hotel to Portbury Monastery, suggesting that the monks would have used the premises to hide from persecution. The Priory is a landmark for travellers from Bristol, the M5 and beyond. A footpath from Prior’s Wood passes the pub to The Mount and Windmill Hill. The bluebells in Prior’s Wood are quite spectacular in bloom.

We’re proud to now offer a Vegan Menu, 7 days a week, featuring a range of starters, mains, sides and puddings. This will be available alongside our usual menus, so please just ask a member of the team if you wish to see it.



The Portuguese Tavern

90 West St, Bristol BS2 0BW

portuguese tavern

Situated not very far from Bristol City Centre and Temple Meads Railway Station, The Portuguese Tavern is located in a quiet area within a two floors modest building with a humble exterior. We feel dinning at The Portuguese Tavern will be a memorable experience.

We cater for both individual and group dinners, and also do takeaways. If you want to celebrate a birthday or an engagement party, or an anniversary or a special event, or simply have an enjoyable, Portuguese, meal with friends and family The Portuguese Tavern is the place.


CARGO, Gaol Ferry Steps, Wapping Wharf, Bristol BS1 6WP

Formerly the Chicken shed, at the heart of Wapping Wharf, atop a stack of renovated cargo containers, sits ROOT. Here you can enjoy our food, drinks and all with a view of Bristol’s floating harbour… what’s not to love! Root is a restaurant from Eat Drink Bristol Fashion that serves primarily vegetarian dishes with meat and fish on the side.

Our vegan dishes aren’t necessarily labelled on our menu, what we tend to do is go through the menu with the vegan customer and inform them which dishes are suitable (but most of the time we will annotate the menu for them). As our menu changes frequently and most dishes will be altered to then become vegan, we find it easier to talk them through the menu.

The Malago

220 North Street, Southville, Bristol BS3 1JD

At The Malago we use local suppliers to bring us the freshest ingredients, to be creatively prepared by our skilled chefs – headed by restaurant owner Helly Highland. Our skilled chefs use natural and seasonal produce imaginatively to create a dynamic menu that is inclusive of vegetarians and vegans. We are passionate about creating a local, independent bar and restaurant that is at the heart of North Street and showcases all Bristol has to offer.  We do a mean vegan beetroot and quinoa burger with tzatziki using @southvilledeli ‘s great range of plant based products.

We have a highly talented team of chefs, and experienced bar and waiting staff who are all looking forward to welcoming you to The Malago.

The Real Greek

84A Glass House, Cabot Circus, Bristol BS1 3BX

The Real Greek announces the launch of its Vegan Menu – a first for the restaurants that specialise in delicious fresh Greek food.

Created in collaboration with celebrated Greek cook Tonia Buxton, the thirty-item vegan menu pays homage to Greece’s rich heritage of vegan cooking and the fresh ingredients found in Greek and Cypriot cuisine. Launching on the 21st March, the new Vegan Menu uses vegan-friendly foods traditional to Greece – such as vine leaves, lentils and spices – to create a menu packed with variety, colour and flavour – designed for vegans and non-vegans alike. The thirty dishes on the menu include Jackfruit Stifado (Greek stew made with delicious slow-cooked jackfruit, hearty button mushrooms, shallots and aniseed), and the Vegan Moussaka (layered potato, seasoned courgette, aubergine and slow-cooked jack fruit mix, cooked with cinnamon for a deep delicious flavour).

These recipe developments follow months of mouth-watering research. The Real Greek chefs toured Greece and the UK, speaking to customers about meat-free and dairy-free food, and sampling vegan dishes. The Real Greek present this menu to fulfil the growing demand from customers for a wider choice of flavourful vegan options. This Vegan Menu will give these customers a genuine vegan experience, alongside the restaurant’s main menu. The Real Greek also has a selection of cold vegan meze on the main menu, such as the tangy Beetroot and Lentil Salad, Spicy Walnut and Roasted Red Pepper Dip, and the restaurant’s staple home blended Houmous and Green Pea Fava topped with red onions and tomato.

Christos Karatzenis, Operations Director of The Real Greek, said: “While The Real Greek has always been proud to have a variety of vegan-friendly options on its menu, creating a special dedicated menu was a natural step for us – veganism is ingrained in Grecian history and culture, with the first vegan diet created by philosopher Pythagoras in 550 BCE – it was more than a theory! We’re excited to launch this menu that is a result of listening to our customers, and leaning on tradition, to craft what we believe is one of the most varied and flavoursome vegan menus you’ll find in the UK today.”


The Assembly Bakery

27 West Street, Old Market, Bristol BS2 0DF

assembly brownie

Born and raised in the Old Market Assembly we cut the apron strings in 2017, moved out and got our own place. Not wanting to stray too far we only moved next door but we’ve spread our wings, it’s good to have our own front door! Our sourdough started all this. People raved about the taste, the crumb and the authenticity so we wanted to see what we were made of. As we looked to expand our repertoire we didn’t want to grow up too fast and compromise on taste when baking more. Everything we made we wanted to have the same impact as our sourdough did.

Not wanting to get too righteous, we wanted a more ethical stance. Our traditional slower baking methods break down gluten content. Our use of purer, organic and local ingredients create a far better product in every way to what’s found in aisle 25 of your local supermarket and we also provide the widest range of gluten free and vegan cakes in Bristol. This personal service is also felt in our bakery in Old Market as it’s not often you can be served by the very bakers who have made what you’re buying.

The Old Station

14a Manvers Street, Bath BA11JH

Exclusive selection from our house blended organic, classic, medium roast or decaffeinated coffee, with a speciality in classic and organic teas. The Old Station is located opposite Train Station and across Royal Hotel.

Come any try out our 100% vegan all-you-can-eat falafel every Thursday evening, with 3 courses for only £6.99! See Facebook for detail of what’s offered. Book now by phone/email/Facebook. Come any try out our 100% vegan kosheril every Friday evening, with 3 courses for only £7.99! See picture for detail of what’s offered. Book now by phone/email/Facebook.