The Florist

69 Park St, Bristol BS1 5PB


The Florist believes in the fundamental principles of floristry, to charm each of the senses. Step into a sensory world and discover an arrangement of culinary delights, fragrant cocktails, daily beats and nightly DJs…

Discover a culinary experience like no other. Enjoy delights from contemporary selection of gluten free, dairy free and vegan dishes, inc lime and coriander edamame beans; vegetable ramen; raw cauliflower, pomegranate and toasted almond couscous; sweet potato and chickpea tagine; herb polenta chips with truffle mayo; soy and sesame tofu kebab; and elderflower meringue and caramelised peaches for example.



Willowknd is a cruelty-free, vegan-friendly clothing company founded by former Viva! Veganista, Hannah Price.

At Willowknd, we are proud to call ourselves an eco-friendly clothing company, using only 100% Organic Cotton in all our ranges, we are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly!

By sourcing materials which have been grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals, we lessen the impact on our environment. This helps us work towards more sustainable lifestyles with fabrics that are kind to our planet and kind on your skin.

All Willowknd pieces carry the official Carbon Footprint Reduction Label and utilise only renewable wind power. This, unlike standard grid electricity commonly used in clothing manufacturing, is clean, produces no greenhouse gas emissions during production and consumes no water. Our hand-dyed ranges are made with water-based dyes for low environmental impact.

Gender Neutral. Every Willowknd piece is Unisex. Based in Bristol, all our pieces are bespoke and made with love.

Tiger mylk

Tiger mylk is naturally creamy and sweet, and tastes great in coffees. It is locally made and delivered in reusable glass bottles in Easton, Bristol.

Hey all, I have been working on the recipe for a new alternative milk, and now it is ready – *tiger mylk*! It will be delivered in re-usable glass bottles, just like the ol’ days. It is made from tiger nuts, a naturally sweet and creamy plant that is high in calcium, magnesium and iron. There is also a *tiger & hemp* variety, which includes extra protein, omega 6’s and 3’s, and vitamin D. It’s £1.55 for the tiger mylk, or £1.70 for the tiger & hemp. Can only be ordered through Easton Food Assembly at the mo.

The Plant-Eating Pixie (vegan)

Serving up delicious, healthy food that will make you feel good!
All from scratch
Organic where possible

After receiving so much positive feedback about my CBD macaroons, I upgraded them to premium CBD macaroon bars using a blend of other superfoods – spirulina, wheatgrass, moringa, lucuma, maca and cacao ! All the good stuff in one . Starting to get things in place to make 2018 the year of the pixie — more to follow!

The Wolf Kitchen Boat Cafe (veg)

Served from a narrowboat hatch on the Kennet & Avon canal, Wolf Kitchen serves wholesome, healthy Vegetarian & Vegan food. To keep updated on our location, please like the facebook page or call Laura on: 07972718658.

We are now moored at #bathquays for the next week or two! Wolf is about a five minute walk from #bathspatrainstation and a stones throw from #greenpark! We sold out today so off to stock up for a week of sunny trading on the river! Hope to see you there!

The Herbitour

The herbitour is a food tour exploring the best Vegan food in Bath. Great for Vegans, Veggies and those on the fence.

I have been Veggie since my early Teens and went Vegan in 2015. But before going vegan I am now ashamed to admit I could not understand what Vegans ate despite being veggie, thinking I would be limited to Salads and a side of chips. How wrong could I be? If I had known how amazing Vegan food was earlier I would have definitely made the switch earlier. More and more places are offering Vegan options and the choice has become incredible. I want to highlight some of the best Independent and local eateries that Bath has to offer, along with some great ethical small businesses that have great vegan offerings.

Here at The Herbitour we really want to do our bit to help. We will be supporting small vegan charities by donating 10% of ticket sales to help them.


I can’t believe it’s veggie

We’ve just launched a new range of frozen vegan ready meals made right here in Bristol. They include our tasty meat free chicken pieces made from soya. Think Quorn but much better! Available now from Scoopaway, Gloucester Road or from our website. We deliver to BS1 through to BS9. We’re happy to answer any questions .

We are a small team with a big passion for veggie food. With years of experience in catering exclusively for vegetarians and vegans, we have finally made a range of vegetarian and vegan meals which we believe are the best tasting meat-free meals currently available.

When you taste our meat-free chicken pieces you could be forgiven for asking “Is this really veggie?” Indeed, this is the very question we are asked most often when someone tries our food for the first time. (The second being “Please sir, may I have some more?!”).  This is why we have our No Meat Guarantee.  Our meat-free chicken is made from soy and wheat proteins with our special blend of seasonings to give it that succulent taste.