Salsa Nova Kitchen (vegan)

Salsa Nova Kitchen are a new Bristol based vegan food business that aim to do regular pop ups in and around the Bristol area. Initially the team are concentrating on Mexican themed creations for their pop ups. Mike Crabtree and Jason Cook have both lived in the USA and draw inspiration from the wonderful flavours and colours of the combination of American and Mexican cuisines. The two vegan food enthusiasts also intend to bring other nationalities of vegan cuisine to their pop up patrons. Its an exciting time to be vegan in Bristol with so much more choice on offer than ever before.


The Music Pantry

Weston Super Mare

Vegan brunch club & monthly Vegan Roast Dinner Club available.

In 2014 I needed a caterer who provided reasonably priced, fresh, colourful, nice food. There was a gap in the market… The Music Pantry was born!

Plant based, Catering, ‘hire-a-chef’, menu design, event management and hosting, challenging the status quo..

If you’re are interested in hosting a Music Pantry night at your venue please get in touch.


Hempty Plates (vegan)

hempty plates oct pop up menu

Hempty Plates Winter Indulgence – 3 December at 13:00–23:00 – SEE HERE

How and what we choose to eat has a profound impact on both ourselves and our planet; our food forms the building blocks that become us; our actions shape the world around us.

Our menu showcases hemp as an incredibly versatile, delicious superfood. In a land where most of our plant-based complex proteins travel many a mile to land upon our plates, Hemp, being locally grown and harvested, is just around the corner. Containing the perfect balance of Omega Oils, and a seemingly endless list of practical, sustainable and medicinal uses, Hemp is more than just mere food for thought.

Despite its many benefits, Hemp has a history of oppression to contend with, so come and join us, beat the taboo, and celebrate Hemp as the wondrous, nutritious and ultimately tasty superfood that it is!

Nourish Me (vegan)

nourish me

Fresh Healthy Vegan Wholefood. Made with Love. Locally and ethically sourced. Prepared using traditional techniques – we soak and ferment nuts and grains wherever possible making them easier to digest. We source organic produce where possible. Most of our food is high carb and/ or raw to give you amazing health and energy.

Good for you. Good for the animals. Good for the planet.

The Chocolate Bear Kitchen


The Chocolate Bear Kitchen holds a wide range of Pop Ups and Events in Bristol, from cookery masterclasses and corporate food demonstrations to trade shows and festivals. The CBK Pop Ups are a great way to experience our Inclusive Eating ethos.

Who is The Chocolate Bear?

I’m James, a chef and teacher from Bristol, England. I’ve always been a massive foodie and have loved working in professional kitchens, private catering, hosting dinner parties and baking. Without getting too intimate, after meeting one very inspirational and epiphany-inducing individual, I woke up one morning wanting to share my love of food with the world. After all, what use is passion if it’s not set free?

Are you vegan, paleo, gluten-free and dairy-free?

I try to eat healthily 95% of the time. This doesn’t mean that you won’t catch me with a slice of chocolate mud cake at a wedding (especially if I’ve made it!), but it does mean that I eat food that makes me happy, satisfies my body’s needs, my mind’s needs and of course, tastes delicious.

Most of my recipes are either paleo, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free for three reasons:

The people I cook and want to cook for follow these lifestyles / have these requirements.
I want to showcase how these choices don’t limit your culinary repertoire.
I love experimenting and finding new tastes, textures and techniques.

Spotless Leopard (vegan)

Alma Road (off Whiteladies Rd), Clifton, Bristol BS8 2NH. (The van will be parked near Sainsbury’s car park.)

You’ll find us Tuesday-Friday at our regular spot in Bristol. We change our menu daily, and are continually challenging ourselves and having fun with this largely unexplored world of vegan cuisine.

We frequently host pop-up restaurants where we serve a special set meal. This is an opportunity for us to present a structured menu and watch you eat it.

From making a personalised cake for a special occasion, to providing catering for small functions, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss your ideas.

You can hire us for weddings, festivals, private functions, markets and any other special events. Contact us for more information.


Hunkimori (vegan)

Plant-based cuisine for you and for the planet.

We’ve been cooking plant-based cuisine for friends and family for as long as we can remember and have built up something of a reputation for tasty dishes that take vegetables and fruit into another realm! We also make artisan nutchz, our nut-based alternative to dairy cheese.

hunkimori is an ethical business and we pay the people who work with us the Living Wage.

All our our produce is sourced as responsibly as possible, with the emphasis on fair trade, seasonality, local and sustainable produce supplied by food businesses such as Essential, Leigh Court Farm, Elm Tree Farm, The Betterfood Company. Much of our food is produced using organic methods and we support the work of The Soil Association on banning pesticides and GM foods. Our prime concern is for the welfare of animals and we support the work of Viva!.

The majority of our fresh produce comes from within a 50 mile radius of the city, picked fresh and cooked with a passion and love for all things plant. All packaging used is eco-friendly and compostable. We support the Bristol Pound.