Vegan Menu Launch Fiesta!

Join us this Friday (Friday, 11 January 2019) for all this Veganuary!

🍃 New Vegan Menu Sampling 🌿 Opportunity to Make Your Own Cocktails 🍃 Live Music 🌿 Happy Hour 3pm – 5pm 2 for 10 Cocktails! 🍃 VIP Veganuary Guestlist 🌿 New Skinny Sipping Cocktail Menu!
– Low abv – Low Sugar – AMAZING taste 🍃 Food Served Until Midnight!

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This event is on Saturday 12th Jan between 19:45 and 22:00.

Live comedy and a vegan feast in Bedminster. Join local comedy legend Mark Olver, and some of his famous mates or a night of top-notch comedy. Enjoy a vegan feast prepared from local produce, and bring your own beer along to enjoy.

All proceeds from Belly Laughs support Julian Trust night shelter in central Bristol.

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VherbalKitchen Weekend Takeover

We are pleased to announce that VherbalKitchen will be having a Weekend Takeover at Rockaway Park in the Green Room Cafe on Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th January.

The Cafe will open its doors from 12pm to 7pm both days featuring a Heartwarming Comfort Food Saturday Menu along with Sunday Menu including an classic Sunday Roast Dinner VherbalKitchen style!

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This event is on Tuesday 15th Jan between 19:15 and 21:00

Local comedy legend Mark Olver is bringing his famous mates to a tiny storage container in Wapping Wharf, in what promises to be an intimate night of comedy and Indian street food at Bristol favourite, Gopal’s Curry Shack.

All money raised through Belly Laughs supports Julian Trust night shelter in central Bristol.

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A Christmas Buffet – a plant-based feast

Winter’s claws are closing in, the rain, falling, and the nights getting darker. But fear not, help is at hand. Atis and Lila, the talented amazing yogis who run the café at 238, are creating an amazing Christmas buffet (Tuesday, 11 December), a veritable resplendent feast of plant-based food, transformed with love, passion, and talent into a delectable feast. Magicked with true passion, this plant-based feast will stoke the inner fires to create a radiant light to keep our spirits burning brightly until springtime.

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Pitchfork Cafe – Winter Sharing Feast

Pitchfork Cafe is returning for the last of the years feasts (Dec 11), this time raising money for Opening Bristol’s Borders and marking the end of a series of events they have been organising.

We will be at the Assissi Centre in Old Market with a mediterranean themed sharing feast. Think colourful platters of vegetables and warming spices, as well as a pudding trolley!

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Yoga & Vegan Rescued Food Brunch

Enjoy a yoga and meditation class to kick start the metabolism, followed by a sumptuous and ethically conscious brunch to bring awareness to how we source our food (9th Dec).

For our brunch menu, we aim to use as much rescued, waste and surplus food as possible. We do this by sourcing from local businesses. Food, that whilst still fresh and perfectly delicious, may be rejected by customers because it has aesthetic oddities, such as being bruised, misshapen or partially damaged. The rejection of food because it does not meet the standards of perfection that we’ve all come to view as normal is a huge problem, and reducing food waste has been highlighted as a major factor in the prevention of climate change. We are also making this a Vegan menu, again supporting our aim to reduce environmental impact, and support a feeling of health and wellbeing.

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