Willowknd is a cruelty-free, vegan-friendly clothing company founded by former Viva! Veganista, Hannah Price.

At Willowknd, we are proud to call ourselves an eco-friendly clothing company, using only 100% Organic Cotton in all our ranges, we are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly!

By sourcing materials which have been grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals, we lessen the impact on our environment. This helps us work towards more sustainable lifestyles with fabrics that are kind to our planet and kind on your skin.

All Willowknd pieces carry the official Carbon Footprint Reduction Label and utilise only renewable wind power. This, unlike standard grid electricity commonly used in clothing manufacturing, is clean, produces no greenhouse gas emissions during production and consumes no water. Our hand-dyed ranges are made with water-based dyes for low environmental impact.

Gender Neutral. Every Willowknd piece is Unisex. Based in Bristol, all our pieces are bespoke and made with love.


The Herbitour


The herbitour is a food tour exploring the best Vegan food in Bath. Great for Vegans, Veggies and those on the fence.

I have been Veggie since my early Teens and went Vegan in 2015. But before going vegan I am now ashamed to admit I could not understand what Vegans ate despite being veggie, thinking I would be limited to Salads and a side of chips. How wrong could I be? If I had known how amazing Vegan food was earlier I would have definitely made the switch earlier. More and more places are offering Vegan options and the choice has become incredible. I want to highlight some of the best Independent and local eateries that Bath has to offer, along with some great ethical small businesses that have great vegan offerings.

Here at The Herbitour we really want to do our bit to help. We will be supporting small vegan charities by donating 10% of ticket sales to help them.


Wild Thing (vegan)



Jeanna has always been allergic to face paint and was never able to join in the fun as a child. When creating a face & body painting business she was determined to use safe face paint to ensure the service was accessible to all. After struggling to find a natural & vegan paint to use as an artist, she put matters into her own hands and began making her own formulation and voilà Wild Thing was born!

Here at WILD THING we do face painting a little differently. Our VEGAN FACE AND BODY PAINTS are lovingly HANDCRAFTED in Bristol and are SAFE for the skin. They contain a very short list of naturally derived ingredients. Nothing more, nothing less. We value creativity, wellbeing and sustainability and encompass these values in all we do.

We provide Vegan Face Painting services with a difference. We endeavour to involve you in the creative process and encourage wild imaginations at all times. If you would like to know more about our services then please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Root Strength (vegan)


One stop shop for vegan fitness. Welcome to Root Strength! Soon we will be launching a UK based shop bringing you a range of exciting products, including new brands waiting to be discovered, existing loved brands or products developed by us. The whole store will be strictly vegan and focused on bringing you wholesome, well sourced products to support an active lifestyle. We want accessing vegan fitness products and resources to be as easy and quick as possible so perhaps more people are likely to try them and continue to use them. We also want to provide free materials like recipe guides, fitness ideas, and news posts to help everyone in their journey of reducing harm to animals and the world.

Who are we? Two Bristol based women who have been into fitness and vegan for a number of years, with a lot of joint experience and knowledge in the field.

Follow our instagram to keep up to date with what products we are launching and fitness tips, recipes, offers and more! @rootstrengthuk

Vegan Vend


Thanks to all the backers who pledged towards our first vending machine – we now have it! We will post a picture of it once it has been jazzed up with the lovely design from local artist Hope Talbot. Very excited right now! We can’t confirm a location yet but we will keep you updated. Thanks again and watch this space!

Chilled food vending machine service coming very soon to Bristol UK.. follow us on our journey.

Vegan Vend is the name of the vending machine business, The Real Wrap will be our suppliers for wraps, sandwiches and snacks. We will also be stocking sweet treats from a local baker and smoothies from another company.

I can’t yet publish where this will be located (I can say it will be Central Bristol though) as I’m discussing finalisations and confirmations at the moment for the locations. This is a start up business and we are not trading yet, but the social media has been set up so we can test the waters and get people involved and aware before the first machine is set up.


Mr. Wolf’s


32, St Nicholas St, Bristol BS1 1TG

Mr Wolf’s is a family run business right in the heart of Bristol, best known for top live music and a late night party 7 nights a week.

We’re a massive supporter of local artists, musicians and DJs, constantly on the lookout for new, exciting acts that fit in with our up-beat party vibe, as well as holding our Wednesday Open Mic and Jam Night (The Gin Jam) and Monday’s Songsmith (emerging acoustic artists).

We also serve our legendary Noodles & Nibbles (vegan szechuan prawn, toasted cashew nuts, heavenly veg) every day of the week. So whether you’re out to play straight after work or searching for a place to let your hair down at the weekend, you will always find the party here.  We can’t wait to see you soon!

Kings Grooming (vegan)


Kings – Aftershave that gives back! Help launch Kings – Aftershaves & grooming products with a mission; to transform men’s mental health See HERE.

As a Vegan Bristolian, I’m looking for some support from the community for my start up business ‘KINGS’ (social enterprise).

Kings provide men’s ethical aftershave and grooming products which aim to make a positive difference to male health and wellbeing. Our initial and flagship product will be an ethical male aftershave fragrance. Values are important to us and all our products are; cruelty free, vegan, palm oil free, paraben free, environmentally sustainable, ethically produced, promote a natural lifestyle and are made in the UK.

If you pledge you will be helping to launch this social enterprise. We not only want to get this product to market but our purpose is to empower men to find their place in the world through youth projects and male mental health awareness. King’s vision is a world of healthier men and healthier masculinity.