Tame the Mane


165 Fishponds Road, Bristol BS5 6PT (openng 29th September hopefully)
We arent open yet, but believe we are possibly the first in the uk to be only using herbalist approach. Absolutely zero chemicals. We use things like… Licorice, comfrey, soapnut, goodeberry, vinegars, clays, banana, avocado, oils etc. Two of us, have been mobile hairdressers for years. Both want to help encourage people to take a new approach to haircare and that it is linked to health and nutrition too!

Not a hairdressers…Apothecary hair health clinic and style service. Hair food and alchemy! Using 100% Natural, edible homemade tailored products. Natural hair food, health and alchemy…No ordinary salon! We focus on bringing hair to it’s natural glory and helping people on the path to repairing years of hair abuse. Using only homemade plant based solutions tailored to you, our motto is … Only put on your body what you would put in your mouth. TRULY 100% natural hairdressing is finally here.


Beese’s Riverside Bar


Wyndham Crescent, Bristol BS4 4SX

Situated beside the river Avon below a steep wooded bank, Beese’s is a haven of tranquillity where generations of city dwellers have put the cares of the city behind them. Beese’s opens annually in Spring, and closes on the last full weekend in September (see our opening hours for details). Check out the menu links to see what we’re getting up to this year. We welcome casual visitors, from toddlers to walkers, and specialise in private functions such as wedding receptions, parties and corporate hospitality events.

We have acquired an excellent reputation for our food helping us get the Highly Commended spot (that’s posh for second…) in the Bristol Good Food Awards in 2013, 2014 and 2015. This year we’re excited to be able to offer more vegetarian and vegan (Been working on some vegan bar food for a very special customer – Miller Green) options and, of course, gluten free.

Bryony Miles Vegan Personal Trainer


I am a qualified and experienced Personal Trainer working in the Bath area.

Fitness and health isn’t just a job for me it’s a whole lifestyle which is what keeps me going and working hard to get people lifelong sustainable results. I am also a passionate Vegan who cares deeply for the animals and our planet and is living proof that you can be a strong fit Vegan and beat the stereotype! Being Vegan is the healthiest way to live and it’s a privilege to be able to reap the health benefits it has given me and so many of my other clients who have transitioned to eating a (Plant Based) Vegan Diet. I work with people from all backgrounds and abilities to work towards their own specific goals and love being a part of their fitness journey.

I am 100% dedicated to providing you with the best and most personable experience that gets you the results you have always dreamt of!

Download my free vegan start up guide.

The Styling Lounge


15-29 Union St, Bristol BS1 2DF

Founded by Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist Amelia Shorter, The Styling Lounge is an independent hair salon situated on Union Street in the heart of Bristol’s bustling city centre.

I’ve invested in a fabulous range of cruelty free hair products for the salon. With so many vegetarians and vegans in Bristol, I thought it was only right. Besides, I’m an animal lover myself and who doesn’t want to be cruelty free wherever possible anyway?! Thanks to the fabulous Maria Nila range, I can now offer vegan shampoo and conditioners for different hair types.

Maria Nila also have a great range of natural temporary hair colours. Lasting 4 – 10 washes, they’re perfect for use inbetween appointments when you want to refresh and moisturise your hair. The colours of the rainbow are also available for those of you who love things bright and vibrant! If you want to keep your blonde locks clean and bright, the Silver range is hugely popular for hair that tends to go brassy.

If they’re popular, I’ll also look into expanding the salon’s cruelty free range into hair colour. I can’t wait to introduce you this fab new range. See you in the salon!

Kat Winifred Tattoo Artist


I work at a fully insured and licensed private tattoo studio based in Bristol. I have been tattooing since October 2012. Specialising in henna/mehndi and blackwork, i love to tattoo most styles including watercolour, traditional and trash polka. I custom draw up every design I tattoo because I think it’s important to wear a tattoo that is unique like you are. I carry out a vegan tattoo procedure, for more information on the products i use click here.


Katy Howarth Tattoo



Hi guys

I work from Tattootime, 88 North St, Bristol. I can confirm that all my inks are now vegan, as is our transfer paper and stencil stuff! If you let me know you are vegan I make sure all products used in the process are suitable!! We also have vegan aftercare products now available. If you guys have any queries you can message me or call the studio. I do a mixture of walk ins and appointments.

Email: katyhowarthtattoo@gmail.com

The Bristol Food Tour


Bristol’s food scene is growing and buzzing. The city boasts a wide range of fantastic independent eateries, and we – Alice and Jo – want to guide you through Bristol’s vibrant streets, stopping to sample and share the best of what they have to offer. We visit several different venues over the course of three hours, either stopping by to take away a delicious treat or sitting in to rest your feet.

Can you cater to any dietary requirement? Yep! Easy peasy. We also run special 100% vegan tours every month or two, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements for future special tours.