Nfizz Wines

Nfizz Wines is a Bristol based wine importer, wholesaler and retailer of organic, biodynamic and natural wines, run by a French family. We are independent, very happy to live in the UK, passionate lovers and ardent drinkers of high quality wines.

Vegan wines are produced with no use of animal by-products. The sole moment within the wine making process when those ingredients are likely to be introduced is the fining operation using agent often extracted from different animal sources. It aims to improve the clarity of a wine to make it more visually attractive. Therefore a Vegan-friendly wine is not fined, or fined with vegetal or mineral fining agent.

At Nfizz Wines we offer you a significant range of those wines. We feel very concerned that everybody should be able to enjoy the wine, especially our delicious organic, biodynamic and natural ones.