Happy Cow Icecream Van (vegan)


1st vegan Whippy ice cream van in Bristol is coming very soon (mid may) you can book it for events . Watch this space for more information.

Looking for awesome staff to work from May to September on our vegan ice cream van, must be confident competent and excellent customer service skills.

Vedgespice (vegan)


We are very excited to launch #VedgeSpice in May to deliver Vegan Bangladeshi & Indian Food 100% plant based British Curry. Updates to follow soon!

What Is Khatol (Jackfruit? ) National Fruit of Bangladesh.

If you’re vegan you probably already know all about jackfruit. If you’re new to a vegetarian or vegan diet then this is for you. Jackfruit grows in tropical areas of Southeast Asia, Brazil, and Africa. Its consistency is similar to chicken or pork, which has led to its popularity as a meat substitute. Young jackfruit has a fairly neutral taste so it takes on the flavour of whatever sauce or seasoning you pair it with. That is why most savoury recipes call for young jackfruit. Has anyone tried this before ?



Nut based cheezes using traditional fermenting techniques

We are proud to launch our new artisanal vegan cheeze company here in Bristol.

As a start we will be focusing on a Camembert style cheeze made using organic and fair trade ingredients, bringing the experience of a conventional Camembert but in a soft and delicious cashew nut version.

New Cut Coffee


The Art Warehouse, Wapping Wharf, Bristol BS1 4RN

Specialist Coffee on Bristol’s Historic Floating Harbour

Our approach is pretty simple; we serve outstanding coffee in an approachable way. From bean to cup each step has been carefully curated to showcase our unique coffees, so you can savour every last drop. Our menu has been created to be mostly plant-based, with locally sourced ingredients.

We are proud to serve a small yet beautifully formed food menu, and a delightful range of locally baked cakes, cookies and brownies. We also offer a seasonal Hot Chocolate, from one of Bristols newest chocolatiers, Cocoa Witch. Our soft drink selection is also locally sourced from Bristol-based producer, Lovely Drinks. We always strive to have options for special dietary requirements (vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free etc).

Milk – We also offer a selection of plant-based alternatives for no extra charge.

Zucchini kitchen (vegan)


We are a new kitchen whose purpose is to prepare and serve delicious plant-based Mediterranean food. We are a family business, and all our food is fresh and carefully prepared. We use fresh ingredients and always prepare the food on the same day.

Now that we have acquired our 5* rating from the authorities, we are ready to open on Uber Eats on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

As a new and independent business, we have set a 30% discount on our mains, and all of you are welcome to come and taste our food. We will be happy to serve as many people as possible and we count on your support!

Thanks a lot,
The Zucchini kitchen team

Herb’s Diner (vegan)


Herb’s Diner is a plant based catering concept inspired by big flavours and vibrant dishes.




At first all we knew was that we wanted to make big colourful, striking dishes that satisfy the tongue and tummy in the way the eyes suggest it might. Together we’ve created a menu inspired by North, South & Central America (we call it plant based pan American fusion whilst cringing and promising our mums we’re not hipsters) which, although it is plant based, it’s not ‘for vegans’. It’s for food lovers, it’s for greedy pigs, it’s for the hungover, it’s for the health kickers, it’s for you and your mum and your dad and your gran. We are not here to preach, merely to act as purveyors of flavour using great ingredients that don’t contain meat or dairy. If you eat yer chicken then you do you hun, but also try jackfruit, have a go at tofu done properly, get yer chops round some beautifully seasoned seitan. Enjoy vibrant combinations of fresh fruit and vegetables and dabble with a broad pallet of herbs & spices.

Roscoe’s Kitchen (vegan)



I wanted to say thanks for all your support so far and to take a moment to explain what I’m doing!

My aim is to ring delicious, nutritious, balanced plant based meals to anyone who may need them! For convenience, I wanted all the meals to be pre-made and with a great shelf life, ready to be defrosted and served. With all the meals, you can add whatever you like to them to create some amazing feasts! Where possible, I am using minimal single use products and most of the packaging is recyclable and reusable. When buying ingredients, I am always conscious of seasonality and carbon footprint and will endeavor to keep my impact to a minimum.

I hope that you enjoy the food and they are great freezer fillers for you, your friends and family. I would love your thoughts, ideas, reviews and feedback!

HOV-Kitchen (vegan)


Delivering guilt-free comfort dishes to your home every Saturday eve. Always home-made, always organic, and always VEGAN.


Grab a single portion, or treat yourself to a whole tray…. we can even bake it in your dish on request!

It’s kind of a big dill …. Spanakopita filo pie packed with garlicky spinach, dill and parsley… to name a few.

If it’s not fresh and organic, it’s not HOV.

Veli Goods (vegan)


Veli Goods is a virtual vegan cheesemonger and charcuterie delivery service for the Bristol area. Delicious vegan alternatives to cheese and charcuterie, delivered by bike in Bristol

Delivering to Bristol BS1, BS2, BS3, BS4, BS5, BS6, BS7, BS8, BS9 BS13, BS14 and Long Ashton.

ORDER BY FRIDAY FOR DELIVERY THE FOLLOWING TUESDAY. Need it fast? Pick up and premium delivery services available by arrangement.

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LD’s Kitchen (vegan)


LD’s Kitchen vegan food for the soul

Drum roll please… We will be opening our pop up at @kingsdownvaults in Cotham! 

We will be open from Wednesday – Sunday Doing our delicious plant based soul food, with live BBQ’s, always delicious and always #vegan . On a Sunday we will be serving a fully vegan roast with loads of different options. Our menu will be slightly different than to our takeaway one so it fits with our surroundings (expect some new delicious additions!) We will be open here from May 1st, and you can book tables from tomorrow. We will be serving from 1pm -10 pm on our opening day then on Sunday 12-6 . New menu drop for here in the up and coming days. We will not be doing takeaway’s or deliveries from here, however, if we’re not busy we’re happy for collections.

We are a start up family run vegan business that is passionate to bring to Bristol our soulful family style BBQ food. I was introduced to veganism by my family in America 17 years ago, They showed me that to be meat-free didn’t mean your food had to be bland and lack soul. Some of these recipes are recipes that have been passed down to me and its exciting to share the world with these delights.

Music is the food for the soul, and we are here to prove to you our food is too! Our aim is not to exclude meat eaters but introduce them to what a plant-based diet can really be, soulful, tasty and succulent! Nothing brings people together like good food – And we can promise you that our food is good.