Moor Beer Tap

Days Road, Bristol BS2 0QS


Our shops are currently open for takeaway in Bristol & London and we are offering a free home delivery service in Bristol & London plus free courier delivery on orders over £50 nationwide. For NHS staff, we’re offering free delivery on orders over £30 and free cans of PMA for local home deliveries.

Whether it’s in a pub, on the road, or at an event, we always live life to the full and want our beers to do the same. Always Live, always Natural, always Vegan Friendly. Great beer is about flavour, drinkability and enjoyment. We take the German naturally hazy (naturtrüb) approach, combine it with American flavour-forward techniques as well as the British tradition of secondary refermentation to craft uniquely dynamic, sessionable beers.


Moor pioneered the unfined beer movement, firmly believing that adding isinglass finings (fish guts) to beer has a negative impact on quality. Leaving live yeast and other flavour compounds in beer enhances aroma, flavour, appearance and mouth feel. It also makes the beer vegan friendly which goes for all of our beers – ales and lagers alike.