1 Greenbank Rd, Easton, Bristol BS5 6EZ

In these strange and dark times, the light from beacons like ethical businesses like Matter shine brighter. Great that people are consuming less, being with themselves and their families, planting food, being connected to the universe.
Matter food boxes are a a thing of beauty, just look at this one, 100% organic, plastic free, delivered without creating fumes or noise in your streets by our electric van, in the cardboard box the produce comes to us in, creating jobs and helping the local economy. Order yourself a weekly box of happiness by going to the Matter wholefoods website.

Hello, we are Matter Wholefoods. First opened in Greenbank at the end of March 2014, we pride ourselves on being one of the most passionate organic fruit, veg and wholefood suppliers in Bristol. We are run on a predominantly voluntary basis by a dedicated, enthusiastic team of workers who share the vision of helping create an alternative source of healthy, wholesome food at the lowest price possible.

Since opening, we have been working to provide an outlet for accessible organic, and wherever possible, fair trade, local & seasonal produce, as well as specializing in super foods & other dried wholefoods. We also offer a platform for developing businesses to sell their handmade products & creations to our ever growing customer base and are always looking to grow our shop front and variety of products on sale.