Little Roar (vegan)

We believe that young people going out to vote will be the only way we can shift this government, which currently only serve the wealthy few. Register to vote and celebrate your roar with a free piece of cake!

Raw, Organic, Vegan, Gluten-free and Sugar-free delights. Lovingly crafted in Bristol.

Little Roar (formerly Raw Bites) creates tasty treats, made from simple, nutrient rich, delicious ingredients, which are 100% plant based. Our philosophy is all about keeping it simple, in that food is best served in it’s most natural state; untouched by refined sugar, dairy products, preservatives and colouring. Our creations can be found in Harvest and Wild Oats in Bristol, as well as Harvest in Bath. . We also hold stalls at a number of markets across Bristol, so keep in touch to find out when and where… Orders can also be made upon request.