Independent Spirit of Bath

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7 Terrace Walk, Bath BA1 1LN

We do have quite a few vegan products, I’m personally a massive fan of Artbrew who are a cracking little brewery. With the other ranges it does vary from product to product but I love kubla who do a stout, a pale ale and a saison.

Wine wise, we stock a small range due to the great wine shops already being in town, we have a few lines available that suit however they do rotate and so it would be a what ranges are in at the time of visiting. If you are looking for something in particular please do let us know. Chris Scullion, Director Independent Spirit of Bath

Spirits are usually a safe bet as unlike wine and beer they dont need fined and so they wouldnt use animal products, some liqueurs however can be a bit tricky to navigate but we have extensive knowledge of this field in particular and so can advise. Many distilleries dont see the need to place this info on their bottles which leads to consumer confusion but if you’ve not seen this resource before I’d recommend checking it out, it’s a great tool.