Giggling Squid

34 Princess Victoria Street, Clifton, Bristol BS8 4BZ

Bluecoat House, Saw Close, Bath BA1 1EY (Launching January)

My husband, Andy, has a cousin who lives in beautiful Clifton. She told us that this part of Bristol would love a Thai restaurant like ours. So we put one in! We really enjoyed turning what was a square box into ‘a feast for the eyes’ as someone put it.

Things have moved on a bit now but you can still eat our super popular Thai Tapas Sets for lunch. In the evenings we serve lots of original dishes, alongside more unusual Thai flavour combinations. We hope you enjoy Giggling Squid, and feel at home in our funny, quirky little restaurants – well some of them are not so little now, but our approach is still the same. We love to hear from our guests so please feel free to drop us a line. VE – Vegan

The dish on the standard menu contains crustaceans (as per the allergen matrix). However we use a vegan substitute for this specific ingredient when creating the vegan version from the vegetarian menu. I agree we need to make this clearer on the matrix. This is in progress.