13 Small St, Bristol BS1 1DE

Vegan friendly Friends has been open in the current location in Bristol for a couple of years, just down from Bristol Crown Court, quite easy to miss, and very near Nelson Street where the See No Evil graffiti can be found. Friends Chinese restaurant is run by very nice people, who seem to get the vegan thing, as there is about a dozen vegan options to choose from as standard on the menu, and about thirty on the menu for a Bristol Vegans meet up recently.

Apparently this Chinese is uniquely authentic in Bristol, as they serve dishes with black fungi, a nutritious food that is rarely found in the UK. Though the deep fried tofu in black bean sauce is also recommended too. A recent menu included the items below.

Vegetables with cashew nuts in spicy sauce
Straw mushrooms in vegetarian oyster sauce
Bean curd stewed in black bean sauce
Stir fried mixed mushroom
Stewed aubergine with mixed vegetable hot pot
Enoki mushrooms on chinese greens
Bamboo fungus on chinese greens
Stewed bean curd and chinese mushrooms
Spicy salt & pepper bean curd

Central Bristol location, vegan choices on the menu, nice staff, recommended.