Innate – Food in tune. 100% natural, refined sugar/gluten/dairy/soy free, paleo-friendly, vegan snack foods. Welcome to the innate family.

We believe whole-heartedly in the relationship between our entire health status and what we eat, and thus strive to create snacking alternatives that are in accordance with our innate human requirements. whilst not compromising on an exquisite experience of flavour and decadence. Our products take shape through a gentle dehydration process which keeps them raw – maximising on the live enzymes, macrobiotic properties and vitamins/minerals of each amazing ingredient. We have opted for biodegradable packaging as we reckon there’s no point in doing half a job.

So why eat innate?

Enjoy slow release, sustaining energy.
Avoid debilitating glycemic spikes so beat those unmotivated/lethargic crashes.
Clear your mind and sharpen your focus/memory.
Keep your bowel un-irritable.
Support your immune system so it can work for you, no longer sidetracked by coping with inappropriate inflammatory foods.
Balance your endocrine system so it can heal itself.
Prime yourself! Find your appropriate weight.


Nutgrove Kitchen (vegan)

Our cheeses are made by hand in Bristol, Somerset. People have been making cheese in Somerset for hundreds of years. We make our cheese using traditional techniques – the only difference is we start with milk made from nuts, beans and pulses, so our cheese is dairy free.

All our ingredients and cultures are suitable for people who are vegans, lactose-intolerant or gluten-intolerant – or who just want a tasty dairy-free cheese.

We wanted to create something both delicious and sustainable that everyone could enjoy. It had to be good enough to have pride of place on any cheeseboard to be served to our friends and family.

Pie Baby (vegan)


Pie Baby was created by me, Lara and my husband Finn. We make delicious vegan pies to fill your hole! Two things we are passionate about are animal welfare and food. We combine these two passions into seriously satisfying, sumptuous, pastry filled pockets of pure joy with a kiwi twist – potato topped pies!

Ultimately we would love Pie Baby to be available to everyone, everywhere. But we will start a little closer to home. We plan to start selling locally providing pies at community markets, through small businesses and fesitvals across Bristol, then quickly venture further afield to other locations . With your support we want to create a fantastic Pie Baby stall, be ready to hit the street food markets and make a big splash on the vegan food scene. Ultimately we would love to have our own Pie Baby Diner to call home.

We are a wife and husband team with over 20 years of shared life experiences so far, Pie Baby is our next big adventure together. One of our long term goals with Pie Baby is to eventually provide learning opportunities for young people in the comminuty through work experience, mentoring and training.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to what the future holds and cannot wait to fill you all with delicious pies!

The Naked Kitchen (vegan)

The Naked Kitchen

Unit 15 Windmill Hill Farm Business Park, Bristol BS3 4DB



Little intro to the Naked Kitchen and our ethos:

Lifelong friends with a shared passion for food Johnny and I decided to put our heads together and develop a range of flavoured falafels and houmous. Inspired by Johnny’s many years working in some of the top restaurants in Bristol and by my own life-long commitment to being a vegetarian and a strong advocate of animal welfare we, decided to produce foods that were gluten free and suitable for vegans as well as being healthy and above all delicious for anyone.
We started off hand rolling each of our falafels in our commercial kitchen in Bristol. We used traditional recipes but with the addition of popular fruits, veg and our own special twist such as Butternut Squash & Nutmeg, Beetroot, Sweet Potato & Basil. The products we have developed have proved hugely popular to an ever increasing number of outlets.

The success we have had in Bristol has meant that our company has grown from strength to strength. We now offer a large range of falafels and have introduced a new range of SUPER FOOD falafels which include Ginger Ninja (blend of ginger, kale & quinoa), Rainbow Warrior (a falafel packed full of seeds and berries).
With a growing demand for vegetarian eating we believe our products offer enticing new options which are both enjoyable and good for you. Something packed with flavor and healthy ingredients to eat at home, take on a picnic, or to your workplace for a delicious snack lunch.

Johhny and I are committed to creating the best and tastiest falafel and houmous bites available anywhere in the country. To that end we will continue to search for new ranges to suit anyone who enjoys good food and healthy eating.



We are Bristol UK-based makers of hand-crafted tempeh and other cultured foods and beverages!

Seitan and tempeh vegan roast; vegan mozzarella; carrot and cabbage kraut; avocado and wicked ferments tempeh sushi rolls; sourdough bread; fresh tempeh with sumac and herb mix; seitan turkey slices; garlic, dill and dulse tempeh; smoked paprika and sea salted bean, bulgur and quinoa tempeh; pumpkin and sunflower seed, walnut, black and red bean tempeh; smoky fermented wakame cucumber and zucchini slices; black bean and soybean. chick pea and adzuki bean tempeh; chipotle tempeh; smoked tempeh burgers with bbq sauce; tri-colour tempeh (Soy, chickpea and barley, red lentil, black bean); beetroot, carrot and parsnip kraut.

From the US & Slovakia to the UK – tradition with an edge. Makers of hand-crafted tempeh and other wicked food & beverage ferments

We’re still in our launch stage. Please check back soon for updates and more!

Scoff (vegan)

scoff vegan fudge bristol dairyfree

Scoff is a vegan sweet maker and bakery based in Bristol. Our mission is to provide delicious treats that just happen to be vegan and free from gluten containing ingredients. If you’re vegan or have food intolerances, we don’t think you should have to miss out on the kind of treats everyone else gets to enjoy. In fact, if we weren’t telling you, you probably wouldn’t even realise Scoff products don’t contain eggs, dairy or wheat.

Scoff’s fudge and chocolate truffles are for sale in a range of flavours online, and we plan to bring out new treats all the time.

You’ll be able to find us selling a selection of goodies at markets. Sometimes this may be the fudge and truffles, other times we may also be selling cakes and cookies. See the Find Us section of the website for up to date details of markets we’re attending and what we’ll be selling.

We take custom orders for parties or other special occasions. You can order any of our cakes for delivery in the area. We will work with you to come up with a bespoke cake design that meets your needs. We can also supply fudge or truffles as wedding favours.

Wheat and gluten – we do not use any ingredients containing wheat or gluten (even traces) in our products. However, as we are a small business, our kitchen is shared and sometimes wheat products are used. Despite this, we feel confident saying that our products are free from gluten, as all necessary measures are taken to clean down the kitchen to avoid cross contamination.