Planted Foods (vegan)

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100% vegan!

Brand-new street food business serving fresh and healthy twists on comfort food classics. Alice and Richard are embarking upon a venture to create vegan street food, with an empasis on seasonal and healthy versions of comfort food classics.

Bristol-based street food business. Pop-up supper clubs, festival catering & events.


The Old Mess Room, Exchange Avenue (side of St Nicks Market), Bristol BS1 1JQ


Here is our updated menu, prices to be finalised before we reopen on 25/1/17. We’re in the middle of a refurbishment, but when we were trading last year the response from Bristol’s vegan and veggie community was incredibly positive which is why we wanted to come up with another vegan dumpling filling (leek & mushroom) and add a few more sides. TBH it’s more by accident than design, but the menu now seems to be predominantly vegan!

Eatchu began in April 2016, run by husband and wife Guy & Vic who are two of the biggest gyoza fans you are ever likely to meet! Guy & Vic are hugely excited to start their new stall as part of St Nicks Market in September 2016. They hope you will come along to say hello and enjoy the delicious gyoza on offer!

Gyoza (pronounced ghee-yoza, say it fast) are Japanese dumplings made from wheat wrappers and tasty fillings, and dipped in a soy based dipping sauce. Eatchu make and sell Pork, Chicken, and Tofu filled gyoza from their stall at St Nicks Market in Bristol. Once you have chosen your filling you can choose from our range of homemade sauces and toppings. If you’re extra hungry why not add a portion of dressed sushi rice & pickles! You can try our tasty gyoza every lunchtime from Monday to Saturday.

Pie Baby (vegan)


We have a dream, a food dream, to bring vegan deliciousness to the masses starting with pies & mashes.

From small steps to giant leaps. If you appreciate good honest food and like to eat then Pie Baby is for you. We love tasting so good ’cause it feels so bad. Delicious pies to fill your hole!

We have only just arrived from London so may take us a while to get off the ground. We ran as a pop-up in London so we will try to start doing some events asap and get into a weekend market. We are currently able to do private orders for events etc.

This new venture is a wife and husband food start up, formed in a home kitchen with nothing but big vegan dreams and a love of pies. Lara Fair is the cook and Finn Fair is the artist in charge of all design work.

All Pie Baby pies are topped with delicious garlic mash (an influence of their New Zealand upbringing) and the flavours available are:

  • The Stroganoff Molotov – mushroom Stroganoff for a taste explosion
  • The Cheesy Rider – mac’n’cheese alternative to get your taste buds rolling
  • El Fuego Bandida – revolutionary Mexican chilli bean to set you on fire




We are a company based in Bristol, specialising in paellas. Our Vegan Paella is quite popular in the Harbourside market and other events we’ve done. We cook everything in the most genuine way with best ingredients (bomba rice, extra virgin olive oil, smoked sweet paprika…, all imported from Spain). In our menu we also cook other types of paella, but our vegan version is completely vegan friendly. It is made with cauliflower, red pepper, mushrooms, asparagus, sundried tomatoes, and helda, white and broad beans.

We have especially created this vegan paella, and make a big effort to cook this version, as it’s not very traditional in Spain to have vegan paellas. We’ve gotten great feedback from vegans and non-vegans about it. Our whole menu is gluten and dairy free, and I think many people could be interested in our menu. Please see the Facebook page.

The Spicycle (veg)


We are Bristol’s original bicycle powered samosa station.  A roaming café providing delicious curry & freshly ground coffee late into the night. Often to be found outside the Old Duke on King Street, we can also be booked for events in Bristol and further afield.

From parties in the park, to providing ‘coffee & consultation’ with Sustrans and Travel West, the Spicycle has already added a unique presence at many events.

We can provide delicious, bespoke menu of healthy food and hot or ice cold drinks. We can provide a soundtrack.  We can work in places that other caterers struggle to get to. Give us a call with your plans, and we can supply a quote.


pappu 2

Pappu offer authentic, exciting, vibrant dosa and chutneys, all made from traditional methods celebrating South Indian street food, simultaneously supporting other small businesses by using locally produced ingredients that they offer.

Tim got fascinated by the food and culture of India 8 years ago as he was training as a chef and has been perfecting the craft ever since. Now his aim is to bring this food to markets and festivals across the UK.

Mission Pizza (veg)

Bristol based but can travel country-wide

Menu example below

mission pizza menu

We’re on a mission here. A mission to save the planet one pizza at a time. We are small but we are bold and brave. This is not a business, it’s a crusade to change peoples perceptions, culture and beliefs about food.

Oh and we make the finest mobile, artisan, wood-fired vegetarian and vegan pizza you’ll taste anywhere.

Bristol based but can travel country-wide.