Westerleigh Road, Emersons Green, Bristol BS16 7AJ

The Folly in Emersons Green a fantastic place to dine. Our pub is approximately five minutes from the M4, but you will feel like you are deep in the heart of the Gloucestershire countryside.

Nicola Arrow, Marston’s Senior Food Development Manager, said: “We have listened to our customers and taken the growing demand for healthier and alternative options across the pub sector as a great opportunity to develop and update our menu.

“We wanted to find the right supplier for this home-grown product and we believe we have found a great partner in Moving Mountains. It is an exciting opportunity for us to work with a new British business, which is at the forefront of real change.

“The Moving Mountains B12 Burger is such an innovative addition to our menus. It not only caters to our vegetarian and vegan customers but also to those who are trying to make more conscious health or ethical choices when eating out.

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