Ednas Kitchen Kiosk (veg)


Castle Park, Bristol (basically at the top of Union Street, by the zebra crossing)

ednas home_salad

We have been selling fresh food from our kiosk in Castle Park, Bristol since September 2013. Come and visit us for a snack, lunch or evening meal – outside seating available, and take-away. Homemade, Vegetarian, Middle Eastern, FOOD TO GO.

Feeding people has been a long-lasting obsession that is still very much alive in me. The love of good food, and a desire to share it with those around me, gives me joy. For me, food is a kind of unofficial celebration that brings people together.

Healthy eco-friendly vegetarian cooking is close to my heart and that’s where I feel at home. I love using local, seasonal organic (where possible) vegetables, fresh herbs, spices, grains, pulses and seeds. I avoid complicated cooking and like to keep food as fresh and natural as possible. The aroma, colours, and taste can bring you close to the earth and doesn’t cost the earth. The Ayurvedic approach to food and life-style has a strong impact on my way of thinking and living.

I can now offer to cater for your event; cooking and delivering food to individuals with special dietary needs. I also supply dips and salads to shops in Bristol.