Hugo’s Greengrocer Deli

73 North Street, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 1ES

A Greengrocers opening in the heart of Bristol supplying fresh fruit and vegetables almost entirely from a 15-mile Radius, the most local greengrocer in Bristol.

Hugo’s aims to keep locality and quality at its centre, not margins and prices. The shop will use 6 key suppliers, so we will always clearly display the supply chain from the soil and grower to how it has ended up in the tray the customer is considering. This transparency allows our shopper complete trust in the fact that what they are eating is from a sustainable source, local and either organic or non-organic.

In addition to trust in the produce, Hugo’s local aims to serve a variety of healthy extras, such as coffee roasted Bristol, Fresh Pasta made less than 200 metres away and great pro-biotic products like Kefir and other exciting items.


The Beaufort (veg)

1 Beaufort West, London Road, Bath BA1 6QB

An award-winning Bath restaurant is set to reopen next month – but it will only serve vegan and vegetarian dishes.

The Beaufort on London Road closed earlier this year after the owner decided to re-brand the restaurant by only serving a plant-based cuisine. A notice posted on the website for The Beaufort reads: “We are currently undergoing a transitional period and we will be reopening as an exciting new vegetarian and vegan restaurant in October.”

Robbie Tack, owner of The Beaufort, said: “I am a plant-based lover and our head chef is too, so it makes sense. “There aren’t many vegetarian restaurants in Bath but more people are choosing to follow a plant-based diet or are cutting down on meat.”

He had hoped the new restaurant would open this month but says it will now open its doors to customers in November.

Mr Tack follows a plant-based diet himself and hopes the new restaurant will give vegans and vegetarians in the city more choice when eating out.

He said: “There aren’t many places in Bath which just offer vegan or vegetarian food and most of them aren’t open past 7pm. “In restaurants, there aren’t many options [for vegetarians or vegans] and they’re normally just something like a risotto.” But Mr Tack hopes to change this, saying: “There will be a wide range of food which will have lots of flavours. “There will be a bit of everything really, but dishes with lots of flavours, spices and just wholesome meals.” bathchronicle

VBites franchise opportunity

Dear Bristol Vegans,

I work for VBites, manufacturers of the world’s widest range of vegan meat, fish and dairy substitutes, and operators of the famous VBites Café restaurant on East Street, Brighton.
We are looking for potential franchisee’s who might be interested in opening a vegan pub kitchen in the Bristol area. If you might be interested please register on our website and we’ll get in touch.

Best Wishes


The Capability Cafe (veg)

Fresh & delicious vegan & vegetarian food; lentils are our thing. Waiting for a pitch in Bristol street markets… In the meantime, developing recipes!

“Cucina povera” is a phrase in Italian which literally translates to “peasant cooking” or the poor people’s way of cooking. It means using fresh ingredients you have to hand to make delicious, healthy meals, rather than spending a fortune on expensive foods or fad products. I grew up with my Italian Mum who taught me the beauty of this way of cooking. Inspired by the “cucina povera” way of doing things, we decided to set up our own market stall and offer fresh, delicious, local, and ethical vegetarian food at an affordable price.

We offer a range of flatbread patty sandwiches made from pulses and grains, and seasoned with fresh herbs and spices. Accompanying our unique patties is a range of slaws, fresh salads and delicious dips – all home-made with our love and lots of thought put into them!

Roots Lounge (veg)

6-8 St Nicholas Street, Bristol BS1 1UQ

roots lounge fork

News from the landlords: The listed ceiling consent should be through in 3 weeks at the latest and then the plasterers are expecting to take 3 and a half weeks on the ceiling.

Work has started again this week though, the front has had it’s first coat of paint, the kitchen has been organised and the core staff are sitting down to take level 3 hygiene courses.

We will get there, we will get there, we will get there……………. (20/9)

The Roots Lounge is an independent, grass roots grown, vegetarian café-bar and community meeting place situated in the heart of Bristol.

Spotless Leopard (vegan)

Alma Road (off Whiteladies Rd), Clifton, Bristol BS8 2NH. (The van will be parked near Sainsbury’s car park.)

Fingers crossed the council makes the right decision about a new pitch for us!  

You’ll find us Tuesday-Sunday at our regular spot in Bristol. We change our menu daily, and are continually challenging ourselves and having fun with this largely unexplored world of vegan cuisine.

We frequently host pop-up restaurants where we serve a special set meal. This is an opportunity for us to present a structured menu and watch you eat it.

From making a personalised cake for a special occasion, to providing catering for small functions, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss your ideas.

You can hire us for weddings, festivals, private functions, markets and any other special events. Contact us for more information.