Mowgli Street Food

Corn Street, Bristol BS1

Mowgli is all about how Indians eat at home and on their streets. She was born to feed the raw need Indians have for tiffins full of fresh bright intense flavour.  Mowgli is not about the intimate, hushed dining experience. It is about the smash and grab zing of healthy, light, virtuosic herbs and spices.

Announcing Mowgli Bristol!!! It took us ages to find the right corner of this incredible city but you asked for a Mowgli in Bristol and we trawled long and hard ever since. I love this stunning high ceilinged old building on Corn Street. It is very very indeed. October we aim!!


The Den

Introducing… the den. dockside. A sister cafe to Beets n Roots; nestled right on the Harbourside with beats, beets, and barbers! ⠀

The Den is our next, incredibly exciting adventure that we’ve tried super hard to keep quiet but… no more! We just have to share this news with all of you (and hey, what fun is a community-based journey if you keep it to yourself?) 😎⠀

So, the Den. A day-to-night cafe, music venue, and barbershop. We’ll have your favourite Beets n Roots delights; but we’ll also have live music and DJ’s for when you want a little more than just revision books, laptops & meetings 🤓 ⠀

The best part? Well, surely that’s the 4am license Thursday – Sunday! 🌛

We are very busy ensuring the whole site is ready for the launch date of Thursday May 30th! we dont envisage too much going wrong, but you never know! It will be a new venture for us down by the harbourside and we have an inkling things may be very different, but not in a bad way! we are getting ready to serve up more Grab n Glow quick lunches and on the go breakfast wraps… we are ready for anything! The great news is all offers on this fundraiser are valid in either location 🙂

Mission Pizza at Finzels Reach (veg)
Left Handed Giant Brewpub, Compressor Building, Finzels Reach, Bristol BS1 6EU

Two and a half years ago we did our very first street food event at the Left Handed Giant taproom in St Philips in Bristol. Since then, both businesses have thrived, adding several awards and accolades to our belts, and we’ve now decided to take our iconic “beer and pizza” relationship to the next level…

This Summer the LHG Brewing Co are going to open their iconic brew-pub at Finzels Reach in the centre of Bristol and have invited Mission Pizza to run our very own kitchen within the brewery. We need your help to make this happen.

We need £22,000 to build a wood-fired Napoli pizza oven in the heart of Finzels Reach so that we can make world class pizzas to match their world class beers. Serving food all day, seven days a week, including takeaway, we want to build a kitchen that helps us stay close to our street food roots, whilst also introducing a range of sides, desserts and other exciting food options. We are vegetarian and vegan pizza-specialists and our full menu will continue to be 100% veggie with vegan alternatives available for 99% of our menu. Bristol is, after all, the official vegan capital of the world!


Flip (vegan)

Experienced Head Chef & Kitchen and Front of House jobs available.

The first vegan deli and cafe in the UK. Serving simple, yet exquisite dishes and selling delicious deli treats for you to take home. Proud to be working with so many of Bristol’s small, local artisan food producers.

With the environment close to our heart, we aim to be plastic free. All takeaways will be in compostable or reusable packaging working towards a greener future.

Launching in BS3 soon.