5 Queens Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1QE


Whether you’re giving Veganuary a go in 2019, becoming a flexitarian, or fancy a change, brace yourselves for something magical.

Vegan options on the menu:

Sweet vegan treats:

  • Chocolate Galette – Simply vegan chocolate
  • Chocolate, Strawberries & Dreams – Strawberries & vegan chocolate
  • Cheeky Monkey – Banana & vegan chocolate

Savoury vegan dishes:

  • Vegan BBQ Chick’n – Vegan Chick’n, mushrooms, spinach, tomato, bbq sauce, vegan cheese
  • Supervegan – Tomato, spinach, mushrooms, vegan cheese
  • Vegan Spicy Chick’n – Vegan Chick’n, Mexican style rice, salsa, chillies, vegan cheese

Feeling inventive?

Create your own vegan treat from our plant-based fillings on your buckwheat galette including fruit, maple syrup, vegan butter or go savoury with fresh vegetables, vegan cheese & chick’n.


  • For the coffee lovers – we’ve got various vegan milks, such as soya, oat and almond milk!
  • Freshly made fruit smoothies & freshly squeezed orange juice



Small Bar – January pop-up – King St, Bristol BS1 4DZ (Serving from 5-10)

Monday 7/1 – Tuesday 8/1
Monday 14/1 – Tuesday 15/1
Monday 21/1 – Tuesday 22/1

Hummusapiens exists to bring awesome food to your plate, bowl or basket. Here to make good food taste great, we are all about bringing you big taste, plant-based food that’s heavy on the hummus, low on the lecturing.

Hummusapiens are taking over the Small Bar kitchen for three, two-day stints in the January. Come down, eat some hummus, and get that “eat better” New Year’s resolution ticked off your list.


Vegan Wine Box

We are two passionate wine enthusiasts who are trying to make good quality vegan wine more available. As we have been wine enthusiasts since we met 15 years ago, selling vegan wine seemed like the perfect fit.

Initially we will be selling wine subscription boxes and wine and chocolate gifts. Our eventual aim is to become the largest retailer of vegan wines in the UK. We will individually vet any vineyards we work with to ensure they are following vegan practices.

Is all wine vegan?

No, despite wine being essentially alcoholic grape juice, a lot of it isn’t vegan at all.  This is due to additives used to speed up the clarification process, these additives can contain Gelatine (derived from animal skin and connective tissue, Isinglass (derived from fish bladders), Albumen (egg whites), Casein (milk proteins).

The Vegan Candy Store

100% Vegan Candy Company. Based in Bristol but proudly delivering vegan sweets & treats within the UK. LAUNCHING SOON. BE THE FIRST TO KNOW.

We believe that yummy sweets should be enjoyed by everyone, so we’ve created our own Vegan candy source of deliciousness. Vegan candy contains no ingredients derived from animals—no dairy, no gelatine, no honey, and no bone-char refined sugar (and we think that’s pretty sweet).

The Vegan Candy Company is an online vegan candy store! Any questions message us, or email us at .