Vegan Oowee

65 Baldwin Street, Bristol BS1 1QZ


We are excited to announce our latest venture, a 100% Vegan Diner, expected to open mid to end November! We will be offering a range of Deliciously Dirty vegan burgers, dirty fries and sides appealing to vegans and meat eaters too!

We’re aware we’ve upset a few people recently due to minimising the vegan menu, however there was a very good reason, in a couple of months we will bring you a 100% vegan Oowee with lots of vegan cocktails and seitan options.

This will be a 30 seat establishment based in the city centre!

If anyone has any ideas they want to share with us drop us a email on


Vegan Vend

Thanks to all the backers who pledged towards our first vending machine – we now have it! We will post a picture of it once it has been jazzed up with the lovely design from local artist Hope Talbot. Very excited right now! We can’t confirm a location yet but we will keep you updated. Thanks again and watch this space!

Chilled food vending machine service coming very soon to Bristol UK.. follow us on our journey.

Vegan Vend is the name of the vending machine business, The Real Wrap will be our suppliers for wraps, sandwiches and snacks. We will also be stocking sweet treats from a local baker and smoothies from another company.

I can’t yet publish where this will be located (I can say it will be Central Bristol though) as I’m discussing finalisations and confirmations at the moment for the locations. This is a start up business and we are not trading yet, but the social media has been set up so we can test the waters and get people involved and aware before the first machine is set up.


KARMA Grub’n’Dub (veg)


We have a few in the works already, but we’d like to find more places to host our pop up menu. Throughout the next few months we’d like to host our five star rated menu in your establishment for an evening of veggie and vegan street food inspired pub grub alternatives and variations on world foods. All 100% veggie and vegan.

So we ask, if you run a pub, café or anywhere with a working kitchen and like the sound of our pop up then please do get in touch to discuss further.

KARMA Grub’n’Dub started life in a pub kitchen in Bristol. We’re a collective of chefs, cooks and foodies whos aim is to provide a variety of veggie and vegan junk and healthy dishes. Specialising in pub grub alternatives and variations on world foods

NEW PROJECT from the team who ran the Aviator Bar kitchen last year.


The Coconut Tree

237-239 Cheltenham Road, Bristol BS6 5QP

2 Byron Place, Bristol, BS8 1JT (opening 22nd November)

The Coconut Tree is more than just a bar and restaurant. We are a family. We aspire to serve the very best Sri Lankan street food and innovative drinks within a cool, quirky environment. The Coconut Tree is our home and we want all of our our customers to feel part of this family. Bringing Sri Lankan street food to Bristol. Experience an explosion of flavours along with sweet and fiery Cocotails… inc a naturally abundant vegan & vegetarian cuisine.

💥BRISTOL💥 it’s been a long time coming but we’ve arrived!!! After looking for over a year for the perfect spot, 2 locations became available and it was impossible to decide between them… so we’ve decided to open both! 

So head down for the best Sri Lankan street food washed down with sweet and fiery Cocotails and all mixed up with good vibes and bucket loads of FUN! See u soon, TCT 💚🌴💚🌴