Chilli Daddy

Chilli Daddy is the first Szechuan Street Food Stall in the UK, started in 2011 in Bristol. From day one, its founder, Dr. Weng has been committed to introducing authentic and original Szechuan food to the UK and sharing with local people the food experience enjoyed and cherished by thousands of Szechuan families for many years.

Although our traditional recipes are originally from Szechuan, China, fresh ingredients in our cooking are locally sourced.

Noodle Salad VG, Bean Sprout Noodle Salad VG, Veg Hotpot Noodle VG, Tofu Hotpot Noodle VG, Sour-Chilli Potato Noodle VG, ChongQing Snack Noodle VG.

University Restaurant
17 Perry Road, Bristol BS1 5BG

City Centre Restaurant
45-47 Baldwin St, Bristol BS1 1RA

Student Union Restaurant
98 Queens Road, Bristol BS8 1NE

Wine Street Friday Food Market
We will be at St. Nicholas Market every Friday from 10.30am to 3.30pm. We are right in front of REED, Bristol. BS1 2PH