Calypso Kitchen

Unit 3, Gaol Ferry Steps, Wapping Wharf, Bristol BS1 6WE


Peng Curry will be our new vegan addition from tomorrow. Plantain, peanut, potato and coconut curry served with rice n pea. We think It’s so good we will be keeping it on the menu past veganuary.

Calypso Kitchen boasts William’s family recipes which have been handed down and refined. Expect big flavours and not forgetting vegan delights.

The Biblos boys will be staying true to their roots introducing their popular Middle Eastern and Caribbean street food wraps. Ariel’s Middle Eastern family recipes will be packed into tasty Khobez flatbreads. Everything is made in house from sauces and marinades to the falafel mix.

Vegan Gumbo – Chickpea, aubergine and caramelised sweet potato gumbo. Served with rice ‘n’ peas. £9.5