Café Connect

114, St Mark’s Road, Easton, Bristol BS5 6JD

Café Connect is the creation of Bristol Reconnect, a cutting-edge local charity supporting vulnerable people with complex needs. All Café Connect’s profits go to Bristol Reconnect, and we will be providing training opportunities for Bristol Reconnect members in the café.  Bristol Reconnect’s focus is on giving a voice to people who have faced severe disadvantages. We do this in a culture of mutual support, building strong long-term relationships based on mutual respect and honesty, where members feel a sense of belonging and can develop and share their skills. Without our members the café would not exist.  For more info take a look at our websites: and

In keeping with our community ethos, we serve an adventurous menu of mostly locally sourced, frequently organic, often healthy and always delicious food – at very reasonable prices. We are open Monday-Friday 8am-2pm and Saturday 10am-2:30pm serving vegan and veggie breakfasts as well as vegan cakes made by @thetreathousecakery. We also sell sandwiches after 2pm. Our breakfasts are only £6 including tea and coffee.  All of the profits go towards the charity and we are entirely run by volunteers!

The Faraway Tree

136 Church Rd, Bristol BS5 9HF


A small independent family friendly cafe on Church Road in Redfield, now open. Fabulous food and great coffee with a Scandinavian vibe. Now open Evenings!

We are very Vegan Friendly. A lot of our dishes can be adapted to be Vegan. We do a Fabulous Vegan Breakfast that includes, homemade beans, vegetable fritters, vegan black pudding, veggie sausage, tofu,mushrooms, tomatoes & bubble & squeak.( Some say its the best in Bristol!) We have Soya and Almond milk for our coffees and quite often have a lovely vegan cake available. This week we have homemade power balls, they are Vegan, gluten & sugar free. We are available for hire for dinner parties and events and a bespoke vegan menu for that would not be a problem at all. We use seasonal and local produce wherever possible and all our suppliers (bar one) are local and independent. We also came runners up in the observer food monthly awards for best cheap eat in the South West. Any questions, do not hesitate to drop me a line.

Kind regards, Amy

Bagel Boy

39-41 St. Nicholas St. Bristol BS1 1TP

213 Gloucester Rd, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8NN

202 North Street, Southville, Bristol BS3 1JF


Big Vegan Thursday news folks! Vegan Thursday is now vegan everyday! Today’s ‘veganise our menu’ offer is never going to stop #vegan #win

Every Thursday is vegan Thursday at Bagel Boy!

A weekly menu of vegan specials, with ever changing, seasonal vegan bagels.

Vegan sides to go with them, for when you’ve got just a bit more room

A vegan drinks menu so it’s easy to work out what you want to drink

One of each of the above for just £10, a tenner, half a score, a ten sheet. BARGZ!

This is available all day, every Thursday, every Bagel Boy. Whether you’re trying Veganuary, or a full time vegan, or even if you’re a meateater- maybe we can tempt you away from your Naughty Boy with our animal free offerings!

See more HERE.

Roots Lounge (veg)

6-8 St Nicholas Street, Bristol BS1 1UQ

roots lounge fork

The Roots Lounge is an independent, grass roots grown, vegetarian café-bar and community meeting place situated in the heart of Bristol.

Hello and a big welcome to Roots Lounge!
For those of you who know us, finally we have the keys and work has started! Six weeks from now (8th April) we plan to be up, running and serving you lovely lot some top quality, meat free, happy and healthy food alongside natural and organic drinks, juices, smoothies, alcohol, teas and of course coffees.
For those of you who don’t know us, glad to have you on board 🙂 this has been a long and stressful journey but light is finally at the end of the tunnel.
Stay tuned for updates and our opening date.
Big Love….
Roots Lounge x

Workhouse Kitchen

19-20, Perry Rd, Christmas Steps Art Quarter, Bristol BS1 5BG


Our base, is in plant based eating. This has been forged over a life time through a love of seasonal and home grown produce, flavour, eating for the future, and real cooking.

We have been making a meal of it all (here) since 2012

We at Workhouse Kitchen have planned all dishes within this menu to have a starting point that is plant based. The option to add elements that make them vegetarian, or to include well sourced meat & fish is there also. Most can become as gluten free as I am able at this time. So If you do have any allergies please let us know.

Forged from a love of local, seasonal and homegrown produce.
– however you eat –

I am not a food nazi.
I have my own opinions and understandings of what we eat and so do you.
I hold an ideal of how I should eat from day to day and continuously counter this by eating burgers, take aways, chips and battered sausages at further past bedtime than any man should.

The reason I run here as I do is because deep down I know that to be truly sustainable on this little globe, and more selfishly, to be good to ourselves.
A plant based diet is key.

I don’t want to ram this down anyones throat. I have never been comfortable with people who do. To be honest I don’t care what your approach to any of this is or how you eat what .
I am simply offering what I hope is a good plant base that is not lacking in flavour should you choose not to add eggs, dairy, meat or fish.
If I didn’t keep mentioning it you probably wouldn’t have noticed it was vegan to begin with.

My plan here really was to ‘de wanker’ plant based eating.

Read more HERE.

Castle Farm Cafe (veg)

Midford Road, Midford, Bath BA2 7BU

castle farm cafe

Our Soft Opening is on 29th June!! We will be serving a light menu, with lots of cakes, coffee and tea. Our FULL MENU LAUNCH will be on the 6th July!! We will have a much bigger menu with lots of exiting treats!

Welcome to Castle Farm Cafe! This all started with a passion for good food and fresh local produce, alongside a love for the countryside and outdoors, which is why we are so happy to be opening our new venture here at the beautiful Castle Farm. We are really excited to have a play with the pizza oven, meet our new and lovely customers and create some tasty food for all you lot to get stuck into! Our plan is to have fresh, healthy, wholesome food to fill your bellies, and to also provide an honest, happy and enjoyable experience to all you guys. We are very aware of dietary requirements and intolerances, which is why we offer a wide range of dairy-free, vegan and gluten-free options to excite your taste buds, alongside lots of other yummy treats too.

As you may have guessed….we are Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen’s little sister cafe! And we have had a fantastic menu created especially for us by Richard Buckley, Award Winning Vegetarian chef of Bath. The food still has Richard’s flair and excitement, but in a more rustic, wholesome and cafe-esque manor. Castle Farm Cafe is a lovely little cafe tucked away within the picturesque hills of Midford. Our passion is about serving wholesome, tasty food from the soul, in a friendly rustic barn. We want you guys to feel part of the family when you arrive, so come and have a brew, relax, and try some tasty food.

We are one big family here at castle farm, and we welcome you to come and join us!

Tuk Tuck

Tuk Tuck Facebook

5 St Stephen’s St, Bristol BS1 1EE

tuk tuck

Join us on a journey through the street food markets of Asia. Taking in the familiar and the unique.

Our vision is to bring traditional Asian Street food to belly’s in Bristol. Taking the familiar lunch time choices, such as baguettes, and packing them full of Asian flavours, to make an interesting and tasty alternative; or drawing on our own knowledge and experience to provide new and unique items like the Korean Bibimbap. Working with local suppliers, we want to supply fresh and healthy food to the streets, and have a laugh along the way. so join us and Tuck In…

The vegan options directly from the menu are: from mains Tofu and Mushroom Salad box with a soy, lime and sesame dressing; and from sides: Miso Soup; Edamame beans; Vegan Kimbap, the Korean version of sushi flavoured with sesame and filled with veggies and tofu, which is made fresh every day, usually to order. We can also easily ‘veganise’ 2 of the other mains on request; our Bibimbap which is rice, 7 seasoned vegetables and tofu and mushroom option served with our homemade traditional Korean gochujang sauce; and the Banh Mi which is the Vietnamese style baguette with veggies, pickles and the tofu and mushroom option. We also use a separate grill for cooking all the veg/vegan options.

Both myself and my business partner used to work for Tampopo before it closed down, and we’ve actually employed another girl to work there with us. I (Alex) was the second chef there, and Quan was an assistant manager but this is our own venture.