Cafe Kino (veg)

108 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3RU

Listen up to avoid disappointment! We will now be closed EVERY Tuesday. Because we are a cooperative, we all work together to run the cafe, and closing on Tuesday means we will have more time to do all the behind the scenes work that is required to keep Kino the way you like it! Open normal opening hours Wed until Mon (10am-10:30pm).

Cafe Kino is a not-for-profit co-operative owned and operated by its workers, and run in part by volunteers. We strive to create a viable business which is open, fair and mutually supportive of all those with whom we are associated.

All of our food is 100% free of animal ingredients, and we are proud to have always provided delicious food enjoyed by all! The only animal-derived produce you will find in our cafe is organic dairy milk, which is provided as an option to customers in hot drinks.

We hope to continue developing the cafe as an inspiring community space and focus for independent cultural and political activity. We host regular meetings and events and are always open to interesting ideas.

Cafe Kino is working to create an atmosphere of respect and understanding in which everyone is valued. We believe in working co-operatively together and learning from our shared experiences. Cafe Kino is a safe space for all, where everyone will be treated with respect and worth. we ask that all customers respect these goals and treat each other, and our staff, accordingly.