21 Cotham Road South, Bristol BS6 5TZ


Bulrush Vegan Taster

TripAdvisor reckons it’s the best restaurant in Bristol so when I heard they were happy to make a vegan taster menu I had to go and give it a try! The taste was sensational, we oohed and aahed, and oohed again! I don’t think my bouche has ever been so amused! More oohing and aahing! I could have eaten these all night!

This food is exceptional, one of the best meals I’ve ever had in a restaurant! It’s clean food but still decadent; it doesn’t wear a hair shirt! There are no pretentious smears of sauce across the plate and no dry ice pouring out over the table. The food is explained and you are told what each dish comprises of but I wasn’t ‘introduced’ to any of it and I didn’t hear the word ‘jus’ and I was the only person dressed in black! It was just a wonderful celebration of flavour created by a chef not afraid to take a few risks. Nori and blackcurrant – who would have thought?!

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