Bristol Vegan Beer Guide

bristol vegan beer guide

Over the last few years Bristol has become a hub for not only a diverse range of bars and pubs, but also some of the finest breweries in the country. Bristol is now a destination city for many beer lovers with so much to see (or should that be “drink”!) that it keeps bringing people back time and time again.

Thankfully the explosion of new craft breweries that place a greater emphasis on taste and flavour has led to a decrease in the use of isinglass, the single thing that makes most cask beers not vegan. The only thing to be careful of is that some breweries do like to experiment with different ingredients. Some of which, including lactose, oysters and even bacon, are not vegan.

The majority of the pubs, bars and bottle shops all offer a vast range of beer from Bristol, the UK and beyond that is vegan friendly. If in doubt speak to a member of staff or contact the brewery direct.


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