Croft Ales

32 Upper York Street, Stokes Croft, Bristol BS2 8QN

Inspired by the rich culture and creativity of our fantastic neighbourhood, Stokes Croft, we established Croft Ales to fulfil our ambition to bring genuinely handcrafted, small batch beer to the good people of Bristol. Our beers are all vegan but I’m sorry to say that at the moment we don’t have anything gluten free.


Good Chemistry

Unit 2, William Street, St Philips, Bristol BS2 0RG


Our taproom’s open more now, so pop by Fri 5-8 or Sat 2-7 & we’ll be here. Add & & you’ve got a mini-trail!

Hello. Welcome to Good Chemistry Brewing. We’re Kelly and Bob and we’re passionate about making great beer to share with as many people as possible. Here’s where you can find our beers in the wild. Keep checking back for updated listings. Cheers!

Did you know? The foamy head is an important part of beer. It is formed by a complex carbon-dioxide reaction and can say a lot about the quality of the beer. If the head is missing, it can mean that your beer is flat and sometimes bland-tasting.

While our first run of beers were fined we have been working hard to eliminate this from our processes, and have now done so almost completely. Our only fined beer still on sale is Hurly Burly (available on draught only).

Lost & Grounded

91 Whitby Road, Bristol BS4 4AR


Our beers contain no isinglass finings, are vegan friendly and naturally hazy. L&G

Bristol’s newest brewery is also Bristol’s newest vege-friendly brewery. “No Isinglass, no ingredients of animal origin” they stated in response to my inquiry. In an increasingly crowded craft beer scene a brewery has to do something special to be noticed. Lost & Grounded stand out because they are doing something that none of the other Bristol breweries are; producing: unpasteurised, live, keg conditioned European beer styles in a state of the art brewery. It even has a lactic acid propagator for those sour styles. And the beers? I was lucky enough to try two in The Barley Mow in their first week of sale. Hop Hand Fallacy (4.4%) was very much in the Belgian farmhouse ale tradition falling somewhere between a light Saison and a Witbier with the latter’s hints of coriander & peel. The real winner was Keller Pils (4.8%), a really lovely unfiltered hoppy really real lager. They also apparently do an 8.8% Tripel which I am really looking forward to trying. Watch out for keg font clips like these. They could be a real sign of quality. Mark

New Bristol Brewery

20a Wilson Street, Bristol, BS2 9HH

New Bristol Brewery are one of the city’s more elusive breweries. Run by brothers Tom and Noel all of their beers are unfined and therefore vegan friendly. The bottles are easily recognised with an illustration of a gorilla in a space suit on the label! A colourful ribbon runs around the design indicating the beer name, style and strength. Their core range includes a 4% best bitter, 365, with malt and toffee notes and Flame, a 5.2% amber beer with a rich malt backbone and citrus notes. The only one to avoid is the Super Deluxe Stout which contains lactose. Olly (BVBG)

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Left Handed Giant

Unit 9 Wadehurst Industrial Estate, St Philips Road, St Philips, Bristol BS2 0JE

left handed giant

Left Handed Giant are a Bristol based brewing company “brewing modern beer, inspired by the giants of the craft beer world”. They originally started out as cuckoo brewers using the commercial kits of their friends in the brewing industry. They are now in the process of finishing their own brewery and taproom located on Wadehurst Industrial Park in the St Philips area of Bristol. The majority of their output is vegan friendly with the exception of beers that use lactose as an ingredient such as Lactose Tolerant. These brewers know their craft and are producing an exciting and technically excellent range of beers. Be sure to try their West Coast red ale, Red 5, brewed with Chinook, Mosaic and Columbus hops. Olly (BVBG)

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Our Tap Room is based at our warehouse in St Philips. Only a short walk from Temple Meads, immediately behind Old Market and literally right on the entrance/exit to the Bristol to Bath cycle path, it’s a great spot to drink fresh beer and sit in the outdoors enjoying the sunshine. We’ve got 9 taps, a small selection of wines, soft drink and fresh coffee. On a rotational basis we invite friends of ours down from the street food community to serve up their wares and keep you all sated.

Table Tennis, Forklift Basketball, a kids area with toys to keep em occupied. Fresh beer, coffee and treats. What’s not to love?

Opening Times (back open 14th April). Thursday 5pm – 9pm, Friday 5pm – 9pm, Saturday 12pm – 5pm

The Incredible Brewing Company

214-244 Broomhill Road, Brislington, Bristol BS4 5RG

incredible brewing co

There’s a vintage charm about the distinctive labels on The Incredible Brewing Company’s bottles. The large core range includes an Amber Ale, Black IPA and Saison. They also have an extensive selection of seasonal and occasional beers featuring an intriguing Nettle Beer. The beer is brewed using the finest ingredients and no additives or finings are used in it’s production. However, as with many other breweries their Milk Stout contains lactose. The beers can be difficult to locate at times and specialist off licences such as Corks of Cotham are a good place to look. Olly (BVBG)

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Butcombe Brewery

Cox’s Green, Wrington, Bristol, BS40 5PA

Butcombe Brewery are located south of Bristol in Wrington and were recently joined by Stuart Howe, formerly of Sharp’s Brewery. Their proximity to the city means you’ll see many of their beers in various venues. Their cask beers use isinglass, however all their bottled beers are vegan friendly. The beer is cold conditioned for 2 weeks which removes most of the yeast. It is then filtered through cross flow filters and sterile cartridge filters into bottles, so it never sees any isinglass. Their kegged beer is also vegan friendly for the same reason. It’s worth finding a bottle of their Brunel Atlantic IPA which has a rich, biscuity body with fruity notes from the American hops. Olly (BVBG)

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