Little Martha Brewing

Oxford Street, St Phillips, Bristol BS2 0QT

Blue skies and sunshine right now at LMB!

Hello 2022! Beautiful day for it, but at least the arch is as cosy as ever. We welcome in the new year with a return to normal hours – open today until 8pm.

Meet our new table beer – Spacetime Foam. Light at 3% but full of flavour, it’s smooth with tropical flavours from El Dorado and Amarillo hops.

Welcome to Little Martha Brewing! We are a brewpub in St Phillips, Bristol, brewing and serving our own range of beers in our cosy railway arch pub. Take a look at the menu page to see what’s pouring right now!

Yes, all of our Little Martha beers are vegan!

Dawkins Ales

Lawnwood Road, Easton, Bristol BS5 0EF

WE ARE VEGAN!!! Well… mostly… We are excited to announce something we have been working on for a while now – our beers are now fully vegan (except the milk stouts!) We no longer use Isinglass in our brewery (fish guts) so all of our beers are either vegan or vegetarian. It’s taken a while to perfect our processes so that this change will not effect the clarity or taste of our beers – we are so chuffed with the results! To celebrate the change, we are releasing a brand new vegan stout – keep an eye out for the announcement or head down to the tap for an early sampling

Dawkins ales are available in great freehouses in the area and all our five award-winning pubs, which continue to stock scores of guest beers from fellow microbrewers too.

We are in a great brewery zone of Bristol; in very good company of the likes of Arbor Ales, Good Chemistry, Moor, LHG.  Over the years we’ve added to and reconfigured the brewery so it is now effectively 7-8 barrels in size; but even so there isn’t much left after supplying the five Dawkins pubs. The new custom-built brewery will be three times the capacity and be better geographically to serve our Bristol heartland.

The Brewery Tap is open Fridays 4-8/Saturdays 2-8.

Bristol Beer Factory

291 North Street, Southville, Bristol BS3 1JP

Established in 2004, we’re proud to bring you an ever-changing range of fresh, exciting and sessionable beers to buy online or enjoy in our independent bars and pubs.

2021 brings the progression we pride ourselves on into the world of CANS. More environmentally friendly. Beer for all. Garden, park & festival ready.

We’re now totally vegan except for any with lactose in – good news, right! At the moment, this would be the Milk Stout and also Well Above Sea Level.

Our Tap Room is a utopia for beer lovers, nestled nicely at the end of North Street it’s the perfect place to enjoy a pint and a catch up.

Newtown Park Brewing Co

Unit 9, Wadehurst Industrial Park, St Philips Rd, Bristol BS2 0JE

Newtown Park Brewing Co. is independently owned by a group of friends who share a joint vision for excellent food, drink, & good times.

As a brewery our focus is on modern beers with taste and quality being paramount—we’re obsessed with ingredients, so our beers should reflect this. We’re not just about the new & cutting edge, we’ll be producing a range of beers that reflect our diversity of taste. Our beers are as vegan friendly as you can get without certification. No plans for non-vegan friendly beers coming any time soon.

We opened a taproom May. You’ll find the freshest beer on the tap, plus plenty of other drinks for the non-beer drinkers or designated drivers in your group.

Bristol Distilling Co

Unit D, Malago Vale Estate, St John’s Lane, Bristol BS3 5BQ

In an industry bloated with ‘heritage this’ and ‘tradition, that’, we think there’s room for a brand like us. A brand that sets itself apart in how it thinks, the way it goes about things, the drinks it creates, and how it expresses itself.

And how do we do it? By stealing the vital elements from traditional distilling, binning the rest, then starting afresh. Unfettered by convention, we can go off the beaten track to somewhere no-one’s been before.

We have a taproom onsite, so come down for some brilliant cocktails and delicious food. Can’t wait to see you for a drink!

Electric Bear Brewing

Unit 12 The Maltings, Brassmill Lane, Bath BA1 3JL

We make delicious, new beers for the bold and the curious.

As of January 2020 we are 100% vegan – the only historical product which wasn’t was the “Edison pilsner” which has now been discontinued and replaced with a vegan product.

Our approach to brewing is simple: we want to produce consistently great tasting beers of all styles from easy-drinking ales to highly-hopped, high strength beers – from our core range to our experimental small batch nanobrews.

Our Taproom at Electric Bear is open again! With 10 craft beer lines, cans, soft drinks, wine, cider and spirits! No bookings required, first come served for tables indoors and outdoors. Check out our social media for food vendor lists. All welcome, child and dog friendly.

Fierce and Noble

25 Mina Road, St Werburghs, Bristol BS2 9TA

Our independence defines us. Committed to brewing modern, seasonal beer, our fierce intuition makes us unemployable anywhere else. Though we’ve never wanted to be traditional, we still respect the nobility of craft. In fact, tradition is part of our adventure, helping us explore what great brewing means today. We look to discover the extraordinary, to make beer that stimulates our creativity and makes us smile.

The Tap Room is a space that reflects the heritage and history of the craft beer industry – which steers our whole operation and everything we create. The Tap Room is a place you can try out our latest brews, throw a private event and begin your tour around our home.

Yes, our beers are un-fined and therefore vegan (apart from Pain Au Chocolat Stout).


Bath Ales

Southway Drive, Warmley, Bristol BS30 5LW

Bath Ales brewed its first beer in 1995 at a tiny brewery in Wincanton, Somerset. Since then the brewery has moved twice, but the beer we make and the Hare that proudly adorns our beers remains the same.

In 2016 a new chapter for Bath Ales started as it was acquired by Cornwall’s St Austell Brewery.

Hare Brewery’s new taproom is now open – come and visit us in Warmley and taste our beers right from their brewing home. All bottled beer from our new brewery is suitable for vegans and vegetarians due to the new method of filtration. Please look out for the new branded bottles which will be the latest batches brewed on our new equipment.

Moor Beer Tap

Days Road, Bristol BS2 0QS

Whether it’s in a pub, on the road, or at an event, we always live life to the full and want our beers to do the same. Always Live, always Natural, always Vegan Friendly. Great beer is about flavour, drinkability and enjoyment. We take the German naturally hazy (naturtrüb) approach, combine it with American flavour-forward techniques as well as the British tradition of secondary refermentation to craft uniquely dynamic, sessionable beers.


Moor pioneered the unfined beer movement, firmly believing that adding isinglass finings (fish guts) to beer has a negative impact on quality. Leaving live yeast and other flavour compounds in beer enhances aroma, flavour, appearance and mouth feel. It also makes the beer vegan friendly which goes for all of our beers – ales and lagers alike.


Good Chemistry

Unit 2, William Street, St Philips, Bristol BS2 0RG


We think life’s too short not to enjoy what you do, so we decided to brew. First and foremost we brew beer for you to enjoy. But we also think the art and science of brewing is fascinating so we’re going to share that with you.

We might be biased, but we think Bristol is one of the best cities in the UK, and we’ll shout about that as much as we can. The brewery was started by Bob and Kelly in 2015, finding a home for the 10 barrel kit in St Philips in East Bristol.  All our beers are unfined and unfiltered, so naturally hazy and suitable for vegans.

Our brewery tap in Bristol is open Fridays and Saturdays between April and October so if you can join us to try the beer at source, we’d love to see you – cheers!

Lost & Grounded

91 Whitby Road, Bristol BS4 4AR


Our beers contain no isinglass finings, are vegan friendly and naturally hazy.

Lost and Grounded Brewers is a brewery in Bristol, UK, established in July 2016. We are particularly fascinated by the precision of German brewing and the idiosyncratic nature of Belgian beers, and we chose the brewhouse of our dreams that could help us make these wonders of fermentation. We are a Living Wage employer.

If you love beer and would like to visit our brewery, the please stop by to say hello!  Our TAPROOM is open every Friday (4pm-10pm) and Saturday (1pm-10pm), and some Sundays for events – keep track on our social media channels!  We have ample tables for walk-ups, and also take bookings on our online store!

New Bristol Brewery

20a Wilson Street, Bristol, BS2 9HH

New Bristol Brewery is a small, but daring, brewery located slap bang in the middle of Bristol. Owned and operated by us, husband and wife team, Noel and Maria.

We brew all our beers in small batches, one beer at a time, as it is our goal to keep your taste buds intrigued by constantly producing different flavours. To us making the same beers all the time would be boring and are constantly experimenting with different hops, barrels and yeasts. We take risks and explore the progression of traditional styles to create increasingly forward thinking, great tasting beers.

Out taproom has 9 taps, pouring our freshest beer, as well as local cider, wine and organic soft drinks. We are friends with a lot of Bristols best ‘pop-up’ food eateries and can recommend caterers on request.

I would say about 80% of them are vegan friendly.

Left Handed Giant

Unit 3 Wadehurst Industrial Estate, St Philips Road, St Philips, Bristol BS2 0JE

left handed giant

In 2014, a man named Rich Poole walked into Small Bar, Bristol, and handed some beer over to Bruce Gray and Jack Granger. This began a brewing journey that started on a 200L kit through the back of that same bar, before developing into a cuckoo brewery operation known as Left Handed Giant.

We brewed for the first time on our brand new kit at our St Philips brewery last week, and it seemed only fitting that the first brew would be Dream House.

Our new brewery and tap room are finally ready! Come join us this weekend to check out what we’ve been up to and drink some beer in a great, socially distant environment. We’ve got the team from Yalla serving up vegan and vegetarian shawarma throughout our opening times.

The Incredible Brewing Company

214-244 Broomhill Road, Brislington, Bristol BS4 5RG

incredible brewing co

We have evolved into one of the most innovative, creative Craft Breweries in the West. We may have expanded but are ethos remains the same….to bring fresh natural hand crafted beers to a wider market and promote local sustainable business.

Our unique experimental style delivers an innovative range of Craft Beer that pushes the boundaries of convention. We showcase the World’s finest hops and source seasonal ingredients to elevate the flavour profiles. The beer is produced naturally with no additives, filtering or finings so it’s suitable for vegans. Our ethos remains the same….to bring fresh, natural hand-crafted beers to a wider market and to promote beer as more inclusive product to match with food.

Arbor Ales

Unit 4 Lawrence Hill Industrial Park, Croydon St, Bristol BS5 0EB



From our site in Easton, our team currently brews and packages in excess of one and a half million pints a year.  That’s pints, full pints and nothing but pints (apart from the odd 440ml can, but we don’t talk about those). Never shying away from trying out new ideas, we have an extensive back catalogue of recipes covering a vast array of styles and ABV’s.  Though all different in their own way, they were all born out of a desire to make beer that we are proud of and importantly, that we really want to drink ourselves.

Wiper & True

10-16 York St, Bristol BS2 9XT

wiper & true 2

Wiper and True are opening a bigger better shiny new brewery & taproom later this year in Old Market, Bristol.

In 2015 we built our own brewery in St Werburghs, Bristol. Our drive since then has been towards refinement, constantly reviewing our recipes and processes.

Whilst our apparatus may have become more sophisticated, our thirst for experimentation and enjoying our craft remains the driving force behind Wiper and True. We hope you enjoy the drinking as much as we did the brewing.

We use the finest ingredients possible and avoid any unnecessary chemicals or processing aids. We do not pasteurize, filter or clear our beers with synthesised chemicals. Where specified our beers are vegan and vegetarian friendly. Please check the label.

We’re delighted that our Bristol Tap Room is now back open, serving a range of delicious Bristol-brewed craft beers, fresh from the tank. We aren’t taking bookings, so simply rock up and we’ll find you a table.

Zero Degrees

53 Colston Street, Bristol BS1 5BA

zero degrees vegan beer

It’s just this simple – By not filtering, pasteurising or using additives, Zerodegrees beer stays healthy and nutritious…and this is exactly what we have done from the beginning.

All of the beer served at Zerodegrees go straight from maturation tank to the tap, meaning there no need to keg. It’s tank fresh beer, without the transportation – it really doesn’t get any fresher than that.

Of course we’ve got our usual range of hand-made, vegan-friendly pints made right here – crisp, refreshing pilsner with its trademark bite and our mellow fruity wheat beer are both great in the heat.