Bakabush Vegan Recipe Zine


A page of Belizean and worldwide inspired vegan recipes!

The 2nd Issue of BAKABUSH – Vegan Recipe Zine is here.
50 pages of yummy vegan recipes from all over the world. Printed on thick recycled paper with a colour printed card cover!

Some example recipes are: BBQ Seitan Ribs, Pecan Pie, Mushroom Stifado, Cajun Jambalaya, Pistachio Ice Cream and lots more! Massive thanks to Active Distribution for helping with the printing and distro of this zine. Every order comes with free stickers 🙂 Illustration by Ian Gibson. *** Every 3 months we will donate 15% of our profits made to an animal charity, which will change every 3 months.


Sustainable Us

Hey there, you’ve stumbled across the internet home of Gina & Louis.

We’re mid-twenty vegans, leftie bright green environmentalists and Green Party members here in the UK.

We enjoy living sustainably, ensuring our footprint on the earth is small while exploring our beautiful planet. We’ll be posting our adventures, our political views as well as some some tips along the way. Enjoy!

The Chocolate Bear Kitchen


The Chocolate Bear Kitchen holds a wide range of Pop Ups and Events in Bristol, from cookery masterclasses and corporate food demonstrations to trade shows and festivals. The CBK Pop Ups are a great way to experience our Inclusive Eating ethos.

Who is The Chocolate Bear?

I’m James, a chef and teacher from Bristol, England. I’ve always been a massive foodie and have loved working in professional kitchens, private catering, hosting dinner parties and baking. Without getting too intimate, after meeting one very inspirational and epiphany-inducing individual, I woke up one morning wanting to share my love of food with the world. After all, what use is passion if it’s not set free?

Are you vegan, paleo, gluten-free and dairy-free?

I try to eat healthily 95% of the time. This doesn’t mean that you won’t catch me with a slice of chocolate mud cake at a wedding (especially if I’ve made it!), but it does mean that I eat food that makes me happy, satisfies my body’s needs, my mind’s needs and of course, tastes delicious.

Most of my recipes are either paleo, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free for three reasons:

The people I cook and want to cook for follow these lifestyles / have these requirements.
I want to showcase how these choices don’t limit your culinary repertoire.
I love experimenting and finding new tastes, textures and techniques.

Donuts + Bolts

As a long time vegan and former owner of The Mighty Food Fight, a Bristol-based foodtruck, I’m now back in my own little kitchen, trying to grow avocados, making the odd cocktail and sharing recipes with YOU!

I hope to show you fun and inventive ways with plant based foods that will add to your own kitchen creativity, whether you’re vegan or vegan-curious.

Eating vegan food is a big love of mine so ….



Hello lovely people! My name is Marta , I’m a make up artist from Poland but have been living in the UK for the past 8 years. I become vegan almost 5 years ago when had as a vegetarian big fight /argue with my vegan friend (that time I couldn’t imagine myself day without cheese ) but I decided to give it a go and that’s how my vegan journey started and I have to say I’m happy for that!! Cooking always have been my big passion. Making food,sharing with people you love and watching them enjoying its just amazing and I love it! Peace ,Love and Harmony

Seeds ‘N’ Smiles (vegan)

Hello there! I’m Freya – a law student based in Bristol, England with a passion for ethical eating and helping the world in any way possible. 🙂 I mainly blog about vegan food and, uh, more vegan food!! 😀

I want to do some “What I Eat In A Day,” vlogs/blog entries starting in 2015 but NOT just the days I’m completely healthy. I’ll include days when I have take out vegan pizza with fake meats and cheeses (so delish omg), days when I bake, days when I don’t have breakfast until almost midday. I want to prove that veganism and taking healthier steps isn’t hard because I’m so passionate about it. Veganism especially isn’t just constant green smoothies and yoga (although it is that too! That’s also cool. Just not the only route). 🙂