Bare Foods

St. James Roundabout aka Bearpit, Bristol BS1 3LY


Bare Foods is a new food concept store located in the Food Hub of the Bearpit. We aim to cater for your breakfast & lunch needs as well as snacks and food products to keep your fuelled in your office. Whether you’re popping by our store or getting a delivery to your office & your peers Bare Foods wants to be your honestly good food option.

Bare Foods is part of a social enterprise called Bearpit Bristol CIC. The aim of Bearpit Bristol is to establish the Bearpit as a destination in Bristol through trading, community activities, events & markets.

Our humble beginning … Bare Foods was formerly known as Bear Fruit. We started in 2012 under a gazebo with a vision to provide fresh fruit & vegetables to commuters. In December 2016 we merged with Bearritos and Bearpit Social.