The Natural Cupcake Company (vegan)

Welcome to The Natural Cupcake Company – the home of deliciously indulgent and wickedly wonderful vegan baking!

Whether you are after some of my popular cupcakes, or some more traditional tea time treats, all of my baking is 100% vegan and 100% delicious. All of my cakes can be made gluten-free upon request.

It all began 11 years ago. I suffer from MS, and for health reasons I changed to a vegan diet. That was back in the day when there wasn’t a ‘free from’ aisle in the supermarket. I wanted to create cupcakes that were vegan friendly, delicious and utterly indulgent! I also wanted to make the business as eco-friendly as possible. Hence The Natural Cupcake Company.

Collection from my address in Stapleton is free of charge.

Rebel Sheep Cakery (vegan)

Vegan cake business – Launching April 2021 -Based in Bristol

After much waiting, lots of hard work, and a branding makeover, I am so ecstatic to share with you that I am ready!!! Officially open for business in days but my books are open for pre-orders right now! Send me a message to chat. A Tuesday may seem like a strange day to launch but the 6th of April is the beginning of the new tax year.

I will be offering a selection of cakes and treats, both from a menu and bespoke to order.

Menu, price list, photos, and website coming soon.

The Forest Bakery

Unit 7, Meriton Foundry, Meriton Street, Bristol BS2 0SZ

Established in Bristol in 2019, we specialise in croissants and sourdough breads. Our croissants and bread are made from a handful of high quality natural ingredients using traditional methods. We believe that baking is a creative art form. Our bread and pastries are hand shaped and then baked at our bakery based in the Temple Quarter of central Bristol.

Forest Sourdough, Seeded Sourdough, Rye Sourdough, Seeded Rye, Vegan Croissant, Vegan Pain au Chocolat, Vegan Almond Croissant, Forest Bun – vegan.

You can now order online and have fresh bread and pastries delivered to your home.

Green Coffee Paradise (vegan)

Homemade cakes and cupcakes. Bespoke birthday and celebration cakes. 100% vegan! 100% delicious!

With every order you are supporting us to restore our old trailer and get on the road to serve you great sustainable coffee (and more cakes). For anyone interested in ordering a celebration cake/cupcakes.

Did someone mention vegans like oreo? (and most people don’t realise they are vegan) //3 layers chocolate sponge with oreo frosting, dark chocolate drip, more oreos loaded on top, strawberries, wafers, marshmallows and sprinklers to top it all off.

It’s always lovely to hear your feedback on my cakes and even better when it comes back with a picture evidence like this  Made my day better to see the cakes are enjoyed by little ones as well.

I will be adding cakesicles to our menu very soon (Cakesicles are a fun twist on a traditional cake pop. It’s a popular treat with a chocolate shell surrounding a blend of cake and frosting). Let me know what flavours you will be interested to see these in. Thank you. Martina.x



Smok’n Chimney

Smok’n Chimney is a Bristol based small business that serves delicious chimney cakes / kürtőskalács (vegan friendly) with different toppings.

B(re)aking news! Our chimney cakes are vegan now! Further more all of our ingredients are vegan! Now the dough is made with yummie oatmilk! Whether you are our regular or you just gonna go for your first ever chimney we are sure you will be satisfied!

Smok’n Chimney is the grandson of the traditional Hungarian cake ’Kürtőskalács’. This special shaped sweet cake is made of natural, local ingredients such as flour, yeast, milk, oil, sugar, salt and vanilla. Freshly baked and coming from the oven smok’n hot, it can be covered with various toppings e.g. almond, walnut and also with chocolate or cinnamon according customers wish. The taste and smell of Smok’n Chimney is mind blowing but the preparation is also remarkable, piquing the attentions of every passer-by.

Savoury cheesy chimney is here! (vegan friendly too). It is perfect for dipping and a good addition to our home delivery menu! Give it a try!

Earthcake (vegan)

71 North Street, Bedminster, Bristol  BS3 1ES


Are all the cake/products vegan?

Yes! We don’t work with animal derived ingredients and don’t keep any at our premises. Everything is 100% dairy-, egg-, gelatine free, vegetarian and vegan.

Diana and Gerzson have always wanted to open an independent shop. At the beginning they had a lot of different ideas but Gerzson’s cakes were just too nice to not share them with others..

We are a proudly independent vegan cake shop in Bedminster, Bristol. Have a slice and a cuppa in our lovely café or take it away if you are on the go! We also make cakes to order, please visit our ‘SHOP’ menu to order a cake.

All of our products are 100% vegan which means it is free from dairy, eggs or any animal delivered ingredient. On request we can also do gluten free, nut free, sugar free or any free-from cakes.

404 Bakes Vegan

Vegan cake online // delivered to your door // or  collect in store

404 bakes grew out of the cafe 404 (Not Found) in Bristol. You can still find an ever changing selection of my bakes here, to be enjoyed with some of the finest coffee in the city and lots of other tasty treats.

If  you’re looking for a vegan cake to celebrate a birthday, wedding, anniversary or other occasion that can be enjoyed by herbivores and omnivores alike, you’re in the right place. Celebration cakes are priced depending on your brief so please get in touch so we can arrange the perfect cake for you.

Vegana Bakes


Welcome to my page Vegana Bakes!

My name is Monica and I’ve been passionately plant-based for almost 3 years now. I’ve always loved baking and making the change to veganism opened up a whole new world of baking possibilities! My journey through veganism and working in various bakeries has brought me to be very conscious of the impact this industry has on the environment. So this bakery will be sustainability focused by sourcing products sustainably and delivering them in recycled packaging. I specialise in baking delicious goods from naturally derived ingredients. Available for Delivery around Bristol.

I wanted to make this venture as adaptable as possible so it is open for requests! Whether you want my signature banana blondies or would like to request something more personal, just give me a message. Contactless Delivery & Payment! So you can stay safe and enjoy delicious vegan treats!


Dark Matters (vegan)

Dark Matters was born in 2013 from my quest for the Perfect Brownie.

Our gorgeous gourmet brownies are different, because the first and main ingredient is 70% dark chocolate, not cocoa powder or sugar. We love the dark stuff and cramming so much of it into our secret recipe means our brownies are darker, denser and (we think) much more delicious than your average!

Our brownies have not only improved in quality and flavour, but also in ethics and sustainability, which makes for a happy baker, happy customers and a happy planet!


85 Park Street, Bristol BS1 5PJ

Pinkmans Green is Pinkmans new evening offering available through popular delivery service apps. We embarque on this amazing #vegan project (Veeg-Naan Wraps, Homemade Seitan Burgers, Loaded Fries etc). Give it a try on Deliveroo HERE or Uber HERE!

We might not look like your typical bakery or serve a range of food & drink typical to a bakery, but at the heart of Pinkmans are bakers ovens, bakers and a lot of baking. We see our bakery as being about more than just the building we are in. It is the combination of our people, our customers, our community, our supplies and suppliers, all mixed together gently, proved slowly, and baked with a lot of care.

The ultimate expression of Pinkmans however will always be about the way we make our bread – an eye on the past and an eye to the future, great ingredients crafted with skill & passion, served with a sense of fun and sun.