Nicole Janelle / Vegan Baker

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Order a yummy, cruelty free dessert for someone you love, or even for yourself! Message me for quotes on party cakes, cupcakes, and other delicious treats!




Fox’s Kitchen (vegan)

Bespoke dream cakes you won’t believe are vegan! 100% vegan ​100% delicious

I love painting and I love baking. And I figured making and decorating cakes is the perfect way of combining the two, plus I get to lick the icing off a spatula (once I’ve made the cake!) and eat the cake cut offs!

I can provide delicious handmade cakes and cupcakes made to order for a variety of occasions, including birthdays and weddings or just because you feel like some lovely cake

I love trying new flavour combinations so if you have something different in mind, please get in touch and I will do my best to make your dreams materialise ​in a cake form!

Sotiris Bakery

16 Park Row, Bristol BS1 5LJ

Sotiris Pastries located in the heart of Bristol is the first and only cafe of its type. Open everyday, serving everything from freshly made pastries, traditional sweets and speciality coffee, available to sit in or take away. Sotiris, having been raised in a family with a rich pastry making history brings all his family recipes outside of his hometown in Greece, to a small shop on Park Row in Bristol. Everything is freshly prepared in the cafe that will make you feel like you’re in his own grandmas shop on the side of a cobbled road in Greece. The crunch of spinach pie or the sweet aromas of Greek coffee married with homemade baklava are what make Sotiris Pastries a must visit.

Our vegan options include:

Savoury pies including spinach pie , mushroom pie and potato pie
Kritsinia( all type of different) greek breadsticks
Sweet delights including:
Granola Cranberry Bar/ Granola Orange Bar
Cranberry Nugget Bar
Apple Crumble/ Cherry Crumble
Tahini Wafer Biscuit / Peanut Butter Wafer Biscuit
Cereal Bars
Pasteli Bars (Sesame )
Tahini Waffle Rolls/Tahini Chocolate Roll
Moustokouloura (grape-must cookies)
Halvas(made with semolina and tahini )
Brioche with chocolate and syrup
Mini croissants with quince
Also come and try traditional greek coffee, greek tea and freddo espresso all absolutely vegan.

Katy’s Cakes

My name is Katy, I was born and raised in Sicily and love spending plenty of hours in my favourite room, the kitchen. I enjoy creating all kinds of healthy dishes and cakes, including those from my homeland. I make vegan, dairy free and gluten free cakes without compromise on flavour and taste. I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy something sweet, without worrying about diet or health. My cakes are simple, genuine and made from scratch with low fat, no preservatives and low sugar making them both delicious and healthy.

Vegan Cakes

There is no need to hold back from your favourite cakes or biscuits just because you can’t eat eggs or dairy products! We make a delicious selection of vegan cakes.

Warrens Bakery

49 High Street, Bristol BS1 2AZ


Our story began in 1860 with a shared love of baking between a farmer’s son and baker’s daughter. In St Just, near Land’s End, 150 years ago, two families united bringing together the freshest local ingredients and traditional craft bakery skills. Making hand-crimped pasties, freshly baked bread and prized scones and biscuits, Warrens Bakery soon became firm favourites of the miners, farmers and the local community.

Vegan Fiery Mexican Pasty. Not for the fainthearted!

Spice lovers’ taste buds will be put to the test with the super-hot Vegan Fiery Mexican Pasty, with red kidney beans, chilli, chickpeas, potato and swede. We’ve created a blend of wholemeal and white flour for the pastry, hand crimped by our bakery team.

Vegan Thai Green Pasty. A subtle blend of mild coconut & Thai spices.

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy our award winning pasties so have created a special range of vegan pasties for you to try. This one is a classic taste of the Far East, with creamy coconut and an aromatic blend of Thai spices, packed with pulses and veggies including chick peas, broad beans and sweetcorn. We’ve created a blend of wholemeal and white flour for the pastry, hand crimped by our bakery team.

Sweet Medicine (vegan)


I’m rebranding! Cake Me is now called Sweet Medicine, everything is still vegan and there are still lots of healthier options! But this is now separate from Nourish Me which is all about health. Sweet Medicine is just yummy sweet things

Vegan cakes baked in the heart of Stokes Croft.  Celebration cakes made to order, and seasonal Christmas and Easter cakes and treats.

Little Gem’s Cakes


Little Gem’s Cakes is an independent, local, Bristol business creating unique and tasty cakes with options for gluten free, dairy free and vegans, everyone can enjoy guilt free delights. Whether for a birthday, christening, retirement party, or wedding, Little Gem’s can create something bespoke and special just for you! Seeing the look of disbelief when someone tries one of my free from cakes and I tell them it is low gluten, sugar free, or vegan… or all three! I love hearing the words, ‘I had no idea it was vegan!’

As well as regular cakes I also specialise in cakes for people with mild intolerances or dietary choices, providing options for low gluten (cakes that don’t contain gluten but are made in an environment where gluten is handled), vegan, dairy free, egg free or refined sugar free. Because no one should go without great tasting cake!

Little Gem’s Creative Cakes likes to keep things as natural as possible, so no artificial preservatives or colours are added. Everything is lovingly baked from scratch and is personally delivered to your door to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. Little Gem’s offers options for most dietary restrictions, including gluten free, dairy free, vegan and sugar free. If you have a specific dietary requirement not listed, contact Gemma to see if we can accommodate.