Bagel Boy

39-41 St. Nicholas St. Bristol BS1 1TP

213 Gloucester Rd, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8NN

202 North Street, Southville, Bristol BS3 1JF


To all of our beloved Bagel Boy breathren.

This week we have come to the gut wrenching conclusion that Bagel Boy can no longer carry on trading. Despite every effort, all three of our branches, our festival unit, and our little pizza slinging sister Proven are now closed for good.

We just want to thank all of our customers, suppliers, staff, friends, family, helpers, hangers on, lovers, haters, and yes even coeliacs for everything they have given over the past 5 years.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to grow Bagel Boy in this city. The support we have received has been overwhelming and
despite our sudden departure, we have taken the greatest pleasure in supplying this city with circular sarnies for the last half decade.

The Bristol food scene is an amazing place to work. The competition is fierce but the people who work in it are some of the best. To everyone who has lent us blue roll, cellar gas, black pepper or change: thankyou so much. We wish everyone else all the best and hope you continue to thrive and carry on the reputation Bristol has for some of the best food and drink in the country. We’ve made some great friends within the industry and will hopefully have some more time now to eat and drink in your venues.

To our customers, both in Bristol and in festival fields up and down the country: thanks for choosing us. I hope we have filled a hole, soothed your hangovers, lined your stomachs, cheered up your Monday or helped you celebrate your Friday.
If we’ve ever let anyone down, then we are really sorry. We have tried to make every bagel with the same love and attention as the last, but we’re only human, and every now and again we cocked it up. We hope our focus on local, ethically sourced ingredients showed through, and the efforts of our bakers, chefs, bar staff, song selectors, baristas, waiting staff and everyone else who helped put on the show helped make your day – whether it was only once a year in your favourite field, or you came three times a week.

Apart from those people who ask for their bagels cut in half.

It’s not a thing.

Stop it.

Massive love to everyone involved, we’re off to get a panini- which idiot thought a bap with a hole in it would make any money eh?!

Team BB