Bagel Boy

39-41 St. Nicholas St. Bristol BS1 1TP

213 Gloucester Rd, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8NN

202 North Street, Southville, Bristol BS3 1JF


Big Vegan Thursday news folks! Vegan Thursday is now vegan everyday! Today’s ‘veganise our menu’ offer is never going to stop #vegan #win

Every Thursday is vegan Thursday at Bagel Boy!

A weekly menu of vegan specials, with ever changing, seasonal vegan bagels.

Vegan sides to go with them, for when you’ve got just a bit more room

A vegan drinks menu so it’s easy to work out what you want to drink

One of each of the above for just £10, a tenner, half a score, a ten sheet. BARGZ!

This is available all day, every Thursday, every Bagel Boy. Whether you’re trying Veganuary, or a full time vegan, or even if you’re a meateater- maybe we can tempt you away from your Naughty Boy with our animal free offerings!

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