Vegan Bristol is a collection of vegan, veggie, & vegan friendly business listings. You can also find charity, other organisation, & blog listings, event info, & news. Vegan Bristol is not associated or connected to any business, vegan or otherwise, charity, or organisation, and is also not connected to any Facebook group either.

Information will be gathered from across Bristol and Bath to try and provide you with the most complete vegan guide available to places where vegans, vegetarians, meat reducers, those avoiding dairy, can eat out etc in Bristol & Bath.

Thanks to everyone who has or will share details of new vegan friendly places. The aim is to regularly update the site in order to include as many places as possible and to keep it as accurate as possible. Please add a comment to any places you may have visited with any useful info to help others decide where to eat or shop etc.

When eating out, a polite request for animal free food in many of the other eateries in Bristol or Bath not listed here (and those listed that are serving meat and dairy) will usually be met with a smile and some cooperation, although there are still too many places in Bristol that just have no idea about veganism and vegan food, and either fuss over you to the point of embarrassment or just ignore your needs completely.

The best advice obviously is to check thoroughly on the day with staff about the vegan status of the kitchen / individual dishes and remember that much will depend on the individuals working that day as to whether your food will be vegan and the service tolerant. No doubt much will depend on the way you ask too.

For info about going vegan, veggie, or reducing the amount of meat you eat, & saving your health, the environment, and other people, see the VIVA! website.

If you see any ads, it is not because we have elected to earn money from the site, it is because we have not purchased the No Ads upgrade.

Please get in contact if you have any information to add to the vegan guide to Bristol and Bath.

And you can find veganbristol.com on twitter and Facebook.


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