Good for Bellie (vegan)

Food Trader poppin’ off all over Bristol & UK.

Good for Bellie’s ethos focuses on nourishing our bodies with organic, ethical & unrefined foods that you and your body will absolutely love.

We’ve perfected out burger recipe to make it as tantalising as possible for your taste buds! Infused with a BBQ twist, our “Kinky Jackfruit Burgers” have been a big hit. Indulge yourself with jackfruit, kimchi, coleslaw & a sourdough brioche bun. Korean inspired & as kinky as burgers come..!

These triangular fried samosas manage to hit the spot. Stuffed with vegetables, spices & topped with that all mighty lime pickle & sauce. Boom ting!

Life’s always better when you’re sharing..! Here’s our GFB Sharing Platter: dank dahl, golden rice, flat bread, samosas, lime pickle & mango chutney. Topped with wild edible flowers, coconut flakes & a whole lot of love. BOOM!