The Gossip Play Café (veg)

6 Chessel Heights, 166 West Street, Bedminster BS3 3NB


The Gossip Play Café is Bristol’s first Montessori inspired play cafe that focusses on zero waste and sustainability. The Bedminster based café, provides a calm and relaxing environment for parents to enjoy vegan and vegetarian food, whilst also supplying a safe space for children to play. The play space inspires independent and sensory play aimed at 0-4 year olds.

Since having Teddie, Emily and Brad have become super aware of the impact we are all having on the planet. It is no longer just our futures we have to consider. Emily and Brad have implemented changes around their own home to reduce single use plastic and waste, and switching to a mostly vegan diet to reduce their culinary impact on the planet. This is something they want to represent at the Gossip Play Cafe too.

Do you have vegan options? 90% of our menu is vegan. Please let us know if you have any other dietary requirements.