Dawkins Ales


Lawnwood Road, Easton, Bristol BS5 0EF

WE ARE VEGAN!!! Well… mostly… We are excited to announce something we have been working on for a while now – our beers are now fully vegan (except the milk stouts!) We no longer use Isinglass in our brewery (fish guts) so all of our beers are either vegan or vegetarian. It’s taken a while to perfect our processes so that this change will not effect the clarity or taste of our beers – we are so chuffed with the results! To celebrate the change, we are releasing a brand new vegan stout – keep an eye out for the announcement or head down to the tap for an early sampling

Dawkins ales are available in great freehouses in the area and all our five award-winning pubs, which continue to stock scores of guest beers from fellow microbrewers too.

We are in a great brewery zone of Bristol; in very good company of the likes of Arbor Ales, Good Chemistry, Moor, LHG.  Over the years we’ve added to and reconfigured the brewery so it is now effectively 7-8 barrels in size; but even so there isn’t much left after supplying the five Dawkins pubs. The new custom-built brewery will be three times the capacity and be better geographically to serve our Bristol heartland.

The Brewery Tap is open Fridays 4-8/Saturdays 2-8.